Ensure the Protection of Myanmar’s Forests

Target: Myanmar Government

Goal: Protect Myanmar’s forests from over-logging and exploitation

Over the past few years, the nation of Myanmar has made great strides in an effort to become more democratic.  The government has released political prisoners, made unionizing legal, and allowed more freedom of the press.  While there continue to be major human rights violations and election fraud, these problems are declining and citizen’s lives seem to slowly be improving. Unfortunately, the democratization of Myanmar also means the potential exploitation of the country’s vast natural resources.

Myanmar’s territory contains thousands of square miles of untouched wilderness.  This wilderness, mostly forests, is home to countless plant and animal species and includes the world’s largest tiger preserve.  The many years of military dictatorships that have chocked the country have made international trade impossible and, therefore, the forests remained relatively untouched.  Now, with the emergence of a liberal democracy, Myanmar is beginning to open its borders and allow corporations (mostly American and Chinese) to apply for permits to log and exploit these resources.

While permitting international trade will be economically beneficial to Myanmar, allowing corporations to decimate forests and species is not.  There need to be environmental protections in place to ensure that, while logging is allowed, there is a limit.  Tell Myanmar’s new government to protect its valuable wilderness.


Dear Myanmar Government,

As you well know, your country contains thousands of acres of untouched forests.   These forests are home to countless animal and plant species, many of which are endangered.  While allowing corporations to log certain areas is economically beneficial for Myanmar’s citizens, there must also be environmental protections in place to prevent exploitation.  If there are no conservation efforts, your forests will be quickly destroyed.

I urge you to consider other revenue options, such as eco-tourism, that can also bring in millions for your country.  People will travel from all over the world to get a glimpse of animals like the tigers currently living in your northern forests.  If you protect the habitats of these animals, you will ensure a constant revenue stream for years.


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Photo credit: all-creatures.org

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  1. Developers and big business must be prevented from entering and exploiting one of our last precious wilderness areas.

  2. Sadly, Mankind’s inherrent greed is detroying the habitat of the World’s wild life and environment. It must stop!!! the almighty dollar must not be allowed to overcome the planet or there will be no planet for any-one or anything. BACK OFF !!!!

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