Protect North Carolina’s Endangered Red Wolves

Target: Gordon S. Myers, Executive Director at North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Goal: To ban the night hunting of coyotes in North Carolina to avoid killing endangered red wolves

A recent temporary state rule was approved by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission that allows the night hunting of coyotes. The coyotes’ twins in the wild are endangered red wolves with similar coats, size, and beautiful red coloring. Therefore, allowing spotlight night hunting in North Carolina’s wild will most definitely confuse the night hunters and as a result endangered red wolves will die. This temporary state rule must be banned in order to protect the few red wolves that are still left alive.

Even in the daytime, it is very difficult to distinguish between red wolves and coyotes. There have already been two red wolves illegally shot and this number will continue to rise if the bill stays in effect. Furthermore, the state has passed this rule in an area that is inhabited by the only wild population of red wolves in the state where the wolves are most vulnerable. The area is considered a recovery zone to the endangered animals where fewer than 100 red wolves have survived.

It is extremely important to eliminate completely all coyote hunting in the red wolf recovery area. Without the proper protection and enforcement from the inhabitants of the area, many of these wolves will perish. It has been reported that North Carolina hunters accidentally kill 7 to 9  percent of red wolves every year and this number will only increase if the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission does not put a halt to all coyote hunting. The state must ban hunting of coyotes to sustain and preserve some of the most endangered species in the world.


Dear Mr. Myers,

I am someone who cares deeply about the preservation of North Carolina’s endangered red wolves. It is upsetting that a temporary state bill has been passed that allows the spotlight night hunting of coyotes. The passing of this rule will most definitely confuse the hunters of the night between red wolves and coyotes due to the similar characteristics such as size, coat, and beautiful red color that these two species share. There has been reports of at least two wolves that have been illegally shot and the number will only increase if the inhabitants of the area do not protect these very vulnerable species.

The state of North Carolina is a home to the red wolves and must provide a safe environment by taking responsible action to preserve their survival. I hope that you understand the violence that is being allowed in an area that has been considered a red wolf recovery zone. It does not make ethical sense to pass a rule that permits guns to be fired at coyotes where red wolves are living. All coyote hunting should be banished from the state to ensure the protection of precious wildlife. Please take into consideration the harm and death to red wolves with the passing of this temporary bill and eliminate the night hunting of coyotes.


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Photo Credit: Flickr via tredhead

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  1. Yes Elaine they have been persecuted for hundreds of years, but as you have mentioned this is senseless slaughter and I want to thank you for caring as much as I do! We must stand together to protect these beautiful animals!

  2. Juliana fourie says:

    Will sign hundreds of petitions until the stupidity if the government is override!!!

  3. Carol Rose says:

    Please save our wolves as a former resident of Western North Carolina in the vicinity of Grandfather Mountain please protect and prevent unnecessary killing of our natural resources

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