Stop Dogs from Being Chained and Tethered in the United States

Target: United States Congress

Goal: To ban or regulate the chaining and tethering of dogs throughout the United States

While chaining and tethering a dog can be seen as an inhumane act of neglect, many states lack laws that regulate this cruel practice. Dogs across the United States are still being forced to endure long hours of torture from being chained or tethered because it is legal to do so.

The practice of chaining and tethering a dog is extremely traumatizing for a dog. Dogs are left alone for several hours a day and are subjected to psychological trauma and damage. Dogs become scared, distressed, and agitated as a result of chaining and tethering. These dogs also tend to become aggressive, extremely defensive and protective of themselves and their territory.

In addition to being psychologically traumatized, dogs that are chained and tethered are also victims of physical trauma. The collars of these dogs often do not fit properly. When combined with the a dog’s constant struggle to escape, a poorly fitted collar can cause irritation such as raw skin and sores. In some cases the collar can become embedded into the dog’s neck if left on for long periods of time. In extreme cases, dogs may even become strangled by their collar and chain, leading to choking and even death.

Dogs that are chained and tethered are limited and restricted by their chains. Sometimes these dogs cannot access their food, water, or shelter. Being limited and restricted also makes these dogs easy targets for ill-willed humans and other animals. These dogs are left completely helpless, exposed, and vulnerable.

No dog deserves to be neglected and subjected to this kind of torture. Responsible animal owners should not do this to their pets; there are other methods to humanely keep a pet within its boundaries when they are not being directly supervised. Sign the petition below to urge Congress to regulate, if not ban, the chaining and tethering of dogs throughout the United States.


Dear U.S. Congress,

The chaining and tethering of dogs in the United States needs to be stopped. This is an inhumane and cruel practice that traumatizes dogs both psychologically and physically. Dogs are subjected to long hours of neglect and torture and become emotionally distraught as a result.

Most dogs that are kept chained and tethered become aggressive. These dogs have no choice, it is their only method of defense because they constantly feel trapped, cornered, and threatened. Unfortunately, these dogs are more susceptible to snap and attack anyone that comes within their vicinity. Preventing dog owners from chaining and tethering their pets will not only benefit the dogs being held captive, but also the general public.

While completely banning this practice in the United States may not happen immediately, action must be taken to at least regulate it. Several states do not even have laws regarding this issue. Please take the action to ensure that these dogs will no longer be forced to endure endless hours of torture at the hands of their owners.

By agreeing to ban or regulate the chaining and tethering of dogs in the United States, you are ensuring that these dogs no longer have to suffer from this cruel practice. Communities will not only become more humane, but will also be a safer place for both humans and animals.


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Photo credit: Tobyotter via Flickr

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