Tell Swedish Zoo That Killing Animals Is Not Okay

Target: Olands Zoo

Goal: Stop killing and neglecting zoo animals

A zoo in Sweden is being accused of killing several of the animals in its care. There are claims that staff members of the Olands Zoo took baseball bats and bludgeoned a Brazilian aardvark and a goat and allowed a lion cub to starve to death. Other animals have supposedly died due to the zoo’s unwillingness to call a veterinarian into the zoo.

A former employee claims that not only was the zoo unwilling to call a vet, but they allowed the animals to die because they needed room in the zoo. After hearing these reports, the local county administrative board has decided to do an additional winter animal welfare inspection of the zoo.  The Swedish Zoo Association is also looking into performing its own investigation into Olands Zoo.

Zoos are not well-known for their excellent treatment of animals, but this situation is particularly disturbing. Animals not only deserve to be well-cared for but also to live in an environment where their lives are not dependent on whether or not their caretakers feel like calling a veterinarian.  Zoos who take responsibility for the lives of animals by taking them in should be held accountable for keeping up with their end of the deal.

Please sign the petition letter below. By signing the petition and lending your voice, you are letting the Olands Zoo and other institutes that abuse their animals know that we will not stand for it. Animals deserve to live in peace with humans, not in fear of them. These abominations cannot be tolerated. Zoos must treat their animals fairly and with dignity.


Dear Olands Zoo,

When you took animals into your zoo, you assumed the responsibility of caring for these animals and making sure that they received medical care when needed. Your zoo has failed on both of those accounts.

These startling revelations from your former employees shine a deplorable light on your zoo. Killing animals to make room in the zoo is not responsible or a good business practice, and neither is denying these animals medical attention.

These accusations are stomach churning. Treating animals this way is disgusting and morally objectionable. Your zoo should be ashamed and take further actions to make sure every animal in the zoo is well taken care of.


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  1. Like pet owners, you are responsible for your animals.

  2. I am deeply saddened by this report of animal killings at Olands Zoo, I thought that zoos were for the conservation of animals, and to educate in in the need to respect and maintain species. I hope that action is taken asap to remedy this sad and unfortunate situation.

  3. Releeasre th deails of the bastards who killed these animals for us to enact payback!!!!! An eye for an eye.I have a large baseball bat waiting for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Release th details of the bastards who killed these animals for us to enact payback!!!!! An eye for an eye.I have a large baseball bat waiting for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. non ho piu’ parole ….e’ una cosa spaventosa perche’ continuare a torturare gli animali….

    Gli animali chiedono a tutti a noi dell’aiuto !!!!

    vi prego ,vi prego vi prego a tutti insieme possiamo raggiungere una vita migliore per gli animali. Ci rendono possibile il sogno di molti molti.
    dio ha creato gli animali bellissimi per noi !!!!

  6. vi prego vi prego vi prego a tutti noi insieme possiamo raggiungere una vita migliore per gli animali. Ci rendono possibile il sogno di molti.
    gli animali sono bellissimi affetto l’amore per noi….

  7. It seems there is no end to human cruelty. Perpertrators should be prosecuted and prevented from repeating their crimes.

  8. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Only demon possessed and evil people treat any of God’s creatures badly! God fearing people know that God told us to respect ALL HIS CREATURES AND CREATIONS! Pray for them, they need salvation!

  9. Betty Kelly says:

    The killers should be severly punished and the ones allowing such cruelty removed.

  10. Ojala Los conosiera para darles con un bate a ustedes!! Hijos de puta!

  11. nohemi cortes t. says:

    Cuando el maldito ser humano entenderá que hay que respetar la vida de los animales.. ellos fueron primero, los últimos en llegar a este planeta fuimos nosotros pero por culpa de tanta humanidad malnacida ya se nos está acabando este paraíso…. !

  12. The despicable people involved in this atrosity should be severely punished and not allowed access to any animals.

  13. q los dejen libres en su habitad natural x dios!!! asi estan sufriendo,,no tienen corazon o que!!! basta ya de maltratos

  14. inimanos!!!!! no me lo esperaba de Suecia,me parecian mas civilizados….

  15. I’m embarrased of humanity.. Sometimes I wish I was not born in this planet. Animals can’t defend theirselves. I hope some day the man could become aware and make a change.

  16. Simply disgusting and appalling a zoo should not be run purely as businesses, their job in this modern world is to conserve species and to give the public the chance to see animals in as natural an environment as possible so that the public can learn to appreciate animals from seeing them in a way that cannot be gained from watching an image on TV (nothing can compare to seeing the likes of an elephant relatively close up)and to thus care even more about what happens to them in the wild

  17. yvonne gordon says:

    the more I see how horrible animals are treated by humans, the more I believe they are better off dead than being controlled by humans at all:

    animals are meant to be wild or loved, nothing in between:

    its like with us; either we are free or we are in a loving relationship: any other life is not worth living:

  18. i m with u

  19. sevilay yavuz says:

    Bütün canlıların olduğu gibi hayvanlarında sevgi dolu doğal ortamlarında yaşama hakkı var.

  20. Anne-Mari Gavin – pray! Really, pray! You think it’s demonic possession?

    You Anne-Mari Gavin are part of the problem. You place the blame on some mythical idea of possession then worse, you say pray. Praying is thinking you are helping by doing nothing.

    You are filth and disgust me.

    They don’t need salvation, they need people to go in and demand the zoo behave responsibly. They need people to go in with lawyers and the police and see the owners and anyone harming the animals are charged. What they don’t need is someone sitting on their arse praying!

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