Stop Setting Live Bulls on Fire in Spain

Target: Soria Officials

Goal: Stop the tradition of burning live bulls in Soria, Spain.

Although Spain is known for its rich culture and traditions, many of these traditions involve severe cruelty toward bulls. The annual tradition in the little town of Medinaceli located in the city of Soria, Spain is called Toro de Fuego or Toro Jubilo, and it involves burning live bulls in front of locals and tourists. This cultural event gathers roughly 4000 spectators in the November of every year, and each year, innocent bulls are horrifically murdered.

The Toro de Fuego, which literally translates to “bull of fire,” is an incredibly sadistic and barbaric tradition. The bulls are usually tortured by being tied up and poked at before the live burning as a means to weaken the animals. When the sun sets, the bulls’ horns are wrapped with a big ball of chemicals on a wooden block that are set on fire, creating the image of flaming horns that they call bolas de pez. These bulls are then released to run aimlessly throughout the town as the spectators taunt them and cheer. The fire is so immense that the bulls are immediately blinded by the flames, and eventually, their faces are no longer recognizable. Not being able to see anything, the bulls often run head first into walls, further injuring themselves. At the end of several gruesome hours, the bulls usually all die from this terrible tradition. The dead bodies are then cut up and specific parts are distributed amongst the participants.

The Toro de Fuego has been around for centuries, but it was banned from 1962-1977 when British reporters exposed the event and denounced it. The Toro de Fuego must be banned permanently to prevent any future torture of these animals. The Medinaceli Town Hall recently decided to submit an application to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), hoping that the organization would recognize the Toro de Fuego as a cultural event.

Although Toro de Fuego is a cultural tradition, it is definitely an outdated and cruel one that must be banned forever. The torture of these bulls is unbearable and extremely unnecessary. The bulls are being murdered just for the entertainment of humans, and it cannot go on anymore.


Dear Officials of Soria,

The Toro de Fuego, which occurs annually every November, is a cruel and sadistic tradition that cannot continue anymore. The bulls are tied up and poked at before the race starts, and then their horns are lit on fire so that they can amuse people. The fire burns everything on the bulls’ faces and renders all of them blind. These bulls run into walls and stumble over things just to entertain people, which is absolutely disgusting.

After hours of torture, the bulls all die and their bodies are cut apart and distributed amongst the participants. I understand that Toro de Fuego has been a long tradition in your culture, but the amount of cruelty and pain that these bulls go through should not be tolerated. You must put an end to Toro de Fuego and perhaps find another tradition that will not endanger innocent animals and people.


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  1. Please stop this evil entertainment…don’t use animal for entertainment.feel the pain they are carrying,,stop cruel act…

  2. Jackie Hibbard says:

    this needs to be stopped.

  3. Dr Vrinda Baxi says:

    A human being’s fundamental tradition is of love and compassion. Any act which is contrary to it is simply a distorted version of this to satisfy vested interest. It is sinful as it no way pleases the Lord. Any justification of this also tantamounts to sinning. It is sometimes frustrating to see that human beings who are superior of all the species and the only one with the capability of scaling spiritual heights and realizing the eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord stoop so low…

  4. This is sooo sick, when are you people going to move into the 21st Century. My wife and I always thought about traveling through Spain, but you people are so barbaric, we told our travel agent to never even consider such a blood thirsty country. Your traditions are sick….

  5. This is unbelievable!!!Oh No!! How can there NOT be a law to stop this. Horror!

    • It is just shocking to read these horrible things humans do. How human are they really ? My heart aches due to human evil.

  6. Rodney Bühlmann says:

    Basta de celebrar y aceptar tradiciones que fomenten el sufrimiento de los animales.

  7. Not only is it stupid, it’s cruel. You people are living in the 18th century, that kind of treatment of animals is unacceptable and you’ll pay for it in the end, your tourism is going to get hit big time because it’s all over the internet.

  8. Gente ignorante y como pueden seguir permitiendo tanta crueldad animal.

  9. I believe this kind of “tradition” works like soccer nowadays. Catharsis for enduring social control.
    When we act like a bundle o mechanic repetition acts we avoid understanding ourselves.

  10. sabamoghadam says:

    Please stop this immoral act

  11. Sophie Pedersen says:


  12. yasaman toydagi says:


  13. stop it.

  14. Sick bastards and you had the gull to criticize and kill aztecs cause they were barbaric at least humans can defend themselves.Who will defend the bulls?You are the barbarians!

  15. The virtue that differentiates human race from animal is humanity. if you do such ghastly acts, you are not part of human race. You are animal and should be treated like one.

  16. Candice Spangler says:

    This barbaric, sadistic, insane practice needs to end now for the sanity and progression of evolution for all mankind.

  17. Lucy Montanez says:

    The govertment had to stop this but there is to much money invold The European Parlament support this barbarie every year 90 million eu are destinated to this “Tradition” my opinion is we have to ask them to stop this support, Toro de la Vega have to end and all of the cruelty act with animal. It really make me sick

  18. This is cruelty!!! Protest spain…

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