Second Kitten Dies After Brutal Beating Yet Attacker Remains Free

Target: Hernando County State Attorney, Brad King

Goal: To see Wilana Joenel Frazier receive maximum punishment under Florida law for the death of 2 kittens

On June 10th of this year, Wilana Joenel Frazier (a 24 year-old pregnant mother) and her 2 children (5 and 8), beat two 8 week-old kittens with an aluminum baseball bat. Ms. Frazier and her children were at the Hill n Dale Community Park in Brooksville, FL on the afternoon of the 10th of June. No less that 4 other children claim to have witnessed the torture of 2 kittens.

Eye witness reports claimed Ms. Frazier watched and then helped her children torture both kittens which lead to the subsequent death of one of the cats. One kitten was beaten with the bat, doused in water repeatedly, and then thrown into a trashcan. When he was located, he had passed from injures sustained during the beating. The second kitten (who became known as Dexter) was cut in the neck by a sharpened branch, then placed in a swing and kicked repeatedly.

As of yesterday the second kitten, called Dexter, passed from complications from the injuries he received during the torture. As of last Thursday evening, Dexter started having seizures that continued through yesterday. The seizures started out very mild but became worse as the days passed. Sadly, the veterinarians were unable to stabilize Dexter, and as of yesterday morning, his heart gave out.

Ms. Frazier was initially charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty and 2 counts of delinquency of a minor and was set free on $3,500 bail as of the 15th of June. Now that Dexter has lost his life, she needs to return to court and face the maximum penalty under Florida Statute Law, Title XLVI: Section 828.12. This states, “A person who unnecessarily overloads, overdrives, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance or shelter, or unnecessarily mutilates, or kills any animal, or causes the same to be done, or carries in or upon any vehicle, or otherwise, any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 [imprisonment of up to 30 years] or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or both.”

Ms. Frazier needs to be shown the consequences which are the result of both her actions and the subsequent denial of her actions. Dexter needs his supporters now more than ever.


Dear Mr. King,

On the 10th of June this year, Wilana Joenel Frazier and her children beat and tortured two kittens in the Hill n Dale Community Park in Brooksville. No less than 4 children witnessed the event.

These defenseless 8 week-old kittens were tortured and beaten by both Ms. Frazier and her children. One kitten died during the inhumane beatings after being repeatedly hit, doused with water, and eventually tossed into a waste bin. The second kitten suffered injures from being cut with a sharp stick across the neck several times and then kicked multiple times while hanging in a swing.

Although Ms. Frazier was charged with counts of animal abuse and delinquency of a minor, she was set free with minimal bail requirements. As of yesterday, Dexter (the second kitten) is now dead. He went into seizures that started last Thursday and yesterday morning his heart gave out after veterinarians were unable to stabilize him. They believe his seizures were the result of neurological damage he suffered at the hands of Ms. Frazier and her children.

We ask that Ms. Frazier be put on trial again and punished to the full extent of the Title XLVI: Section 828.12. She needs to assume responsibility for her actions as now two animals have lost their lives due to the torture she headed up and participated in.

By giving Ms. Frazier stricter punishments, you will be sending out the word animal abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Additionally, children will be shown that animals are not objects; they are living beings with feelings who look to us for safety and security. Please show all animal lovers that their support of Dexter has not been in vain.


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  1. This is how serial killers start. I think she should be taken about a mile out to sea, cut her tendons and toss her over. Let her feel the terror of waiting for the shark frenzy, to tear her apart.

    • I can not understand people like you who are against cat killings but ok with killing humans. This is a very young and disturbed women with two kids and one on the way and I see a hint of institutional racism here. Ugly black female, you guys is USA will love to hate on them and a cute kitten. She has kids and needs therapy and not a jail time. Its fucking animal, Christ, people have been killings animal for spot for 1000s of years so give it a break you ass-hats. For people whose heart is broke you fucking idiots see the number of people being killed every year in the USA and the rest of the world. Fuck these animals and the fucking cats the lil dexter shit kitten should be killed by the retard dog and give us all fucking break.

  2. I hope and pray this judge will throw her in jail for awhile. A fine and slap on the wrist just doesn’t cut it anymore.. This abuse and killing continues and it’s sickening and if our laws are so weak that these sickos just do not fear anything, why would it stop?
    My heart broke as I followed this story from the beginning, I have signed every petition out there in hopes justice for Dexter will happen..Our society has to change in this area and we animal lovers have to do more than post on these blogs!
    Write the judge who is on this case at:

    Circuit Judge
    Daniel Merritt, Jr.
    20 North Main Street, Room 150
    Brooksville, Florida 34601
    (352) 754-4480
    FAX (352) 754-4267

  3. Florida Statutes state that she should get up to five years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine for each count of animal cruelty. If Judge Merritt, Jr. does not follow the law, there will be a riot at the courthouse when she is sentenced.

  4. people like that should get what is coming to them i hope she dies a painfull desth or gets cancer or aids people like her should not live in this earth mybe we will be lucy and she will die in this storm commimg today or become homeless and have nothing beacuse she is nothing

  5. peole like her should not live hope she die ,s a painfull death or dies of aid,s or cancer or die,s in the storm commig today and is homeless and has nothing because she is nothing

  6. I hope that this site will continue to provide updates on this case. Many times we hear of these situations, and then information is minimal. I would like to know what happens at her arraignment/trial, whatever occurs at the justice level. I agree with Betty. Thanks to Lynn for providing the judge’s address for this case. I’m definitely writing a letter to him also. God bless you, Dexter. May you find peace over the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. Mom has successfully launched another generation of serial killers.

  8. Georgette Madak says:

    Of course it’s necessary to point out this woman’s danger to her own children; but, isn’t that sad – that animal lives are so not valued that we need to call attention to their abuse through their proximity to children? I’m so sorry little angels.

  9. I have written a letter to the court, respectfully requesting that they levy every charge possible against this dispicable individual. A paper letter, because it is not so easily deleted as an email. I tried to encourage others to do the same. Hopefully we all together can make a difference in this world. That cruelty such as this is downplayed is wrong. And yes, cruelty to animals is a precursor to violent criminal behavior. Bless the little kitty hearts!

  10. Any one who was a witness or knows an adult that witnessed her crimes that day should call the prosecuting attorney and tell what you seen her and those kids doing. 352-754-4258. If you know who the owners of the kittens were call Mr Smith. If you have first hand knowledge of the events of that day and leading up to that day call the prosecutor 352-754-4258. Thanks

  11. It is important for children to learn empathy: to be sensible to another’s feelings. For animals this means gentleness and respect. The animals portrayed in the roles mentioned above do not seem to feel pain. This teaches children the wrong sort of love.

  12. lisa salazar says:

    This barbaric evil pos deserves the same torture and death.

  13. The law had better crucify this woman for her cruelty and for teaching her young children how to kill. They had better be taken away from her or there is no justice in this world. Animals/pets are like children. Why can’t the law see this? We need to care for our children,our elderly and our pets and our animals in nature instead of so offhandedly overlooking and sidestepping any cruel actions done to all of the above.There isn’t any remorse for cruel actions nor compassion for the needy[be it an animal , the homeless, the elderly or an abused child].Our earth itself is warning us humans of our cruel and senseless actions by all the storms,earthquakes,tsunamis,and other disasters. Wake up people!!

  14. To be honest I hope all of them die horrible including the bastard children and her bastard infant.

  15. Linda Navarra says:

    It’s not lookin too good for this woman right now, is it? Ain’t that a Bitch! I hope when she closes her eyes at night, she see’s poor little Dexters and Gabe’s faces….and I hope she is haunted by the memory of what she did everyday for the rest of her pitiful life!

  16. Your all retarded… its a cat… kitten or not doesn’t matter i bet 99% of you scrubs that would protect a kitten down to your last breath are completely for the right to abort unplanned babys, how hypocritical. Id choose a useless kitten life over the life of a baby… who could very well end up growing up and curing a disease or helping the world… but you wont ever know what that baby is capable of if you abort them, kittens on the other hand are always useless they can do nothing to benfit your life in any real tangible way. Get over yourselfs and realize CATS ARE PETS ONLY IF THEY ARE TAKEN CARE OF… STRAY CATS ARE FERAL CATS AND ARE AS FAIR GAME AS A BUCK IN HUNTING SEASON… they are overpopulating most neighborhoods as is.

    • 1. Animals (cats included) can benefit lives in tangible ways. They are used for pet therapy and even, in the case of seizures, as service animals. That’s not even making mention of the personal joy they give to those that are capable of loving something that doesn’t “benefit their life.”
      2. Where on earth did abortion come in to this? Abortion is only legally performed before the fetus has not yet developed nerve endings, therefore causing zero pain to the unborn fetus. Also, the semantic arguments concerning abortion have nothing to do with an animal cruelty case. Unless of course someone were to make the argument that this piece of trash should have been aborted. I can get behind that because, well I’m pretty sure this trash (or her animal killing offspring) will not be curing any diseases in this lifetime. 3. The population problem of feral cats is caused by those wonderful ‘un-aborted’ babies growing up to be irresponsible pet owners who do not fix their cats and then abandon them… so hurray for humans. 4. There are more humane ways of putting an animal to death than beating it against a tree and the other monstrosities this trash committed. 5. Get over yourself, get educated… here’s a start for you…. (you’re… it’s… capitalize I… babies… I’d…won’t… yourselves…) Have a wonderful day making the world a better place for not only unplanned but UNWANTED babies and try not to kill any living creatures while living your sad, angry, ignorant, useless and (I’m sure) unproductive life.

    • IITTK, YOU ARE A HEARTLESS IDIOT!!! Do you really think that it’s OK for that sick bitch to kill those defenseless kittens?! You’re the one who is retarded because only retards stick up for animal cruelty! I bet that you must’ve been living in your parents’ basement most of your life! Why are you full of hate? You have anger issues! What did the animals do to you to make you hate them so much?! It doesn’t matter if a cat is a stray cat or not; MURDER IS MURDER!!! If you really support animal cruelty, then you should be locked up! You disgust me just as much as the fact that animal cruelty still exists! You are sick! How can you say things like that about those poor, defenseless kittens who should’ve been loved and cherished? How would you like that if someone did something like that to you like that sick bitch did those kittens?! Did your parents really hate you so much? Did your parents really beat you up all the time when you were younger? Do you really hate all the animals? Anyway, grow up, you cruel child!

  17. we should beat & torture them as they did to those poor kittens people are making me really sick on how they treat these poor animals they will grow up to do the same to people…. we need to stop them they are sick we need to get rid of the sick people like this

  18. Poor little Dexter did nothing to deserve what these murder;s’ did.

  19. I am so sorry about Dexter losing his battle with such brutality,but thanks to the Vet who tried so hard to save this little kittens life,God Bless you…

  20. Lynn Beausejour says:

    A mother is supposed to teach her kids the difference between right and wrong, instead she participated in the beating of these innocent little creatures. She as well as her kids need to pay the consequences!

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