Stop the Killing of Elephants in the Congo

Target: Garamba National Park Service

Goal: Stop the poaching of elephants for ivory in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Twenty-two elephants, ranging in age from young to old, were recently found dead and clumped together in the savanna, each with a single bullet shot to the top of the head. The animals were found to be without their tusks, but with their meat untouched. Many in the area who survive by subsistence poaching would have taken along with them a small amount of meat; however, these elephants were killed only for their ivory tusks, which appear to be Africa’s newest conflict resources.

Africa is currently in the midst of a massive elephant slaughter because of the continuous rise in the global demand for ivory (mostly in China) and the recent militarization of the underground trade. Conservation groups in the area report that poachers have killed hundreds of thousands of elephants in the region in recent years, more than reported at any time in the last two decades.

While most of those doing the killing are poachers and notoriously violent resistance groups, it would appear that government trained military units are also cashing in on the ivory trade, especially in the Congo, Uganda, and newly created Southern Sudan.

African elephants are one of only two naturally surviving elephant species left in the world, and they are in danger of being poached to drastic levels to feed the ivory demand. While it is difficult for any one group to control the actions of poachers and government militias, it is likely that added security measures surrounding national parks could help to save these elephants. Urge the Garamba National Park Service and others in the region to tighten their security and stop poachers from killing elephants for their tusks.


Dear Garamba National Park Service,

The recent tragedy of finding 22 dead elephants in your nature preserve is only one example of how the global demand for ivory is leading to the poaching of these innocent animals. Many have even gone as far as to call ivory Africa’s newest conflict resource, which may not be far from the truth. While historically these animals have been killed by local subsistence poachers, it would now appear that government militaries are involved, potentially making the protection of these animals even more difficult.

With the help of yourself and other national park services, it may be possible to stop these poachers from killing elephants in such great and unheard of numbers. We urge that you increase security measures around the parks to protect these animals from being killed for their tusks, and ultimately stop the supply of deadly ivory into the underground market.


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  1. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    These poachers deserve the death penalty. Better detection is needed to stop ivory getting to China.

  2. Elephants are so wonderful, not predators. So family oriented and social. They deserve to live their life happily. Poachers should be killed instanltly. Also the ivory buyers should be severely punished.

  3. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  4. How and when is this ever going to stop? These poachers must
    be caught and executed for murder! This is beyond tragic.
    These great animals are going to be extinct, all for money and vanity.

  5. danielle bailey says:

    Man destroys every thing he touches. How many wonderful animals have gone extinct or almost to the point of extinction and its all due to man destroying habitat ,killing for sport ,or pure greed ,it is never out of need. If you kill the wildlife and oceans you kill us we can’t live without these creatures. Everything has it purpose in this world. The circle of life was created by God for a reason who are we to destroy it. You have to let animals reproduce build there numbers we need conservation not destruction

  6. Muriel Servaege says:

    When is it going to stop? The killers should be slaughtered.


  8. Congo is a basket case for poaching. The constant insurrection and rebellion there, has put wildlife in deep peril. The northern subspecies of white rhino has been wiped out. Eastern lowland gorillas are disappearing at a faster rate, than the mountain gorillas. Elephants of the Guinea forest and Congo forest, have been declared a separate species from the savannah elephant. Now they are being poached at an incredible rate. Government and non-government organizations are going to have to put strong emphasis on Congo, because it is quickly becoming void of wildlife. Not good for such a mineral rich country.

  9. Maybe the death penalty is too harsh for killing elephants, but something has got to deter people from wiping out elephants. If I were there I would use force with force. It is the only thing killers understand.

    • The Elephant Ivory Project started working in the Congo on March 14, 2012. It is working with INTERPOL or International Criminal Police Organization, which Congo is one of the signatory nations. They will be using the latest technology to crack down on poaching and prosecute poachers. I do not think it will go as far as the death penalty, but in India, rangers have been given orders to shoot to kill of tiger poachers. I am not sure how Congo will be exactly prosecuting poachers, but the mechanics of law enforcement are now there.

  10. Murdering bastards! The karma bus awaits…

  11. Breaks my heart, such a sad amount of disrespect for our fellow creatures !!!

  12. It breaks my heart! Such a sad amount of disrespect for our fellow creatures !!!

  13. Patricia Silver says:

    Elephant slaughter is the direct result of illegal ivory trade/demand from China. If there wasn’t a profit to be made from the slaughter of these wonderful creatures, there would be no senseless killing. The people who should be pursued and prosecuted are the traders who pay for the ivory and people who buy new ivory carvings. No demand = no killing. Go after the people who buy, carve and sell new ivory from slaughtered animals. The Chinese government should take responsibility and action.

  14. So very sad I seen the news 2day and made me cry they such beautiful animals and so kind they are so clever 2 how could they let this happen it really needs 2 stop and yes karma will come let’s hope and prey such evil people the world is cruel this has made me so very sad cant stop thinkin of Those poor animals needs 2 BE STOP ASAP

  15. The poaching of elephants is definitely part of the problem but goes much deeper and watching this video will help educate on how complex the ivory crisis really is.

  16. linda Badham says:


  17. deepak singh rauthan says:

    Time as come to stop this act of cruelty injustice towards our great friends…..all poachers need introspection of themselves dammed sinners

  18. I am sick in side when I first heard that these Poachers are still doing this , Years ago I heard about it , and back then I didn’t have a computer . When I heard Savage On talk Radio talk about it it makes me sick that we Can’t put a stop to this insanity , WE have a FRAUD President that Knows all about it ,,every time he goes to Africa , he’s well aware of this ,,and HE DOES NOTHING because it’s all about the MONEY ,and TRADE for Drugs From Iviory to Drugs … and ever one of these RADICAL KILLERS ARE BROWN MUSLIMS , these people are not normal .ID PROPOSE A WAR ON THESE RADICAL BUTCHERS , AND WHEN WE ATTACK THEM ,,HOW ABOUT HALF KILLING THEM TEMPORALLY, AND THEN HAVE THEM BUTCHER THEM ,, BY TEARING THERE TEETH OUT WITH MASSIVE BUTCHER TOOLS … LET THEM KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO SUFFER LIKE THEY MADE THOSE POOR ELEPHANT SUFFER … THEN BLAST THEM IN BETWEEN THE LEGS ,, AND LET THEM BLEED TO DEATH , ( IN OTHER WORDS , LET THE PUNISHMENT MATCH THE CRIMES ) IN THAT WAY THERE IT’LL GIVE THE OTHER POACHERS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE THEY DO IT AGAIN .. THAT THEY WILL TREATED THE SAME WAY….. IT JUST MIGHT SLOW DOWN ALL THE POACHING . IF I WERE A LAW MAKER , I WOULD ENFORCE THAT LAW , OVER ANY NATION , LET THE PUNISHMENT MATCH THE CRIME …DEAR GOD , I PRAY FOR JUSTICE BE DONE ..IN JESUS NAME ..AMEN AMEN AMEN .. .

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