Outlaw Bear Baiting in South Carolina

Target: South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley

Goal: Outlaw bear baiting in South Carolina and find sanctuaries for the permitted bears.

Bear baiting is the inhumane “sport” that pits dogs against defenseless bears for the purpose of training and spectator amusement. This practice, which is only legal in South Carolina and Pakistan, is inhumane and cruel and must be outlawed. Please sign this petition and stop this state-sanctioned wildlife abuse.

In order to keep the bears from hurting the dogs, they are de-clawed, de-toothed, and chained. Often seen as a spectator sport, audiences assemble to watch any number of dogs continually attack the defenseless bear. In an investigation by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), they documented an “event” that drew hundreds of spectators for a four-hour show, where nearly 300 dogs attacked one bear in quick succession. Black bears are favored for baiting because of their shy nature and instinct to flee when threatened. According to the HSUS, “There are currently 26 captive black bears in South Carolina, many likely used for bear baiting.”

Bear baiting events are hosted by breed clubs associated with the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources issues permits for the possession of the bears, but has not inspected bear baiting events or come to rescue of the bears. It is absolutely necessary that these permits be rescinded and South Carolina join the rest of the nation in outlawing this cruel and disgusting “sport”.

Please sign this petition and force Governor Haley to outlaw bear baiting and find sanctuary for the remaining permitted bears.


Dear Governor Haley,

Bear baiting is an inhumane, cruel, and disgusting display of wildlife abuse that is only legal in your state of South Carolina and Pakistan. Pitting bears that have been stripped of all defense techniques against dogs for spectator “sport” or training purposes must be stopped. It is important that you act on this issue now in order to spare some of the 26 bears permitted for ownership with the intent of bear baiting.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has attended some of these events to gather evidence of the obvious emotional and physical distress felt by the bears. One account paints a picture of the cruelty, “Three hounds run at the bear from one end of the arena, barking furiously. Some of them bit her [the bear] face and legs. Others jump on her. She backs up on her hind legs, trying vainly to shield her face.The assault continues for four hours, as nearly 300 dogs attack her in quick succession.” Bears used for bear baiting are de-clawed, de-toothed, and tethered so as not to hurt the dogs.

Bear baiting is an archaic display of animal cruelty that forces one to question the mindset of the spectators, supporters, and host state that would condone such brutality. Please outlaw bear baiting and join the rest of the nation in saying “no” to wildlife abuse. Please rescind bear ownership permits and find sanctuary for the now traumatized and defenseless bears.


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Photo Credit: Mr Emprey via flickr

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  1. Robin Coggshall says:

    Someone stated if we are not a resident of SC, it’s none of our business. Abuse and cruelty is everybody’s business. We should all be involved in putting a stop to such atrocities, everywhere.

    • Charleston, SC says:

      You are correct. It takes a HUGE effort to stop animal abuse. As a SC concerned resident I urge all look up the details of the SC law that helps this to happen. Info is online if you search. Being fully informed makes any letter writing to official be more realistic. There are details to the laws that causes this to happen. Just saying there is more than writing a comment. Get fully informed and then we can protest more intelligently. Thank you all for trying to help.

    • Yes Robin, I agree, I just signed this petition & I’m living in Australia, it’s everybody’s business because gruesome things are happening to animals all over the world & we need to be their voices. As long as greedy & psychotic men walk this earth everything is at risk.

  2. Absolutely disturbing!! I had no idea this was happening in our Country! We are bettet than this!!!!We need to ban together and fight this

  3. Ross Sutherland says:

    I’m ashamed of my species – as if what we do to many scores of billions of animals in factory-“farms” isn’t bad enough, thousands of inbred, white-trash rednecks like these enjoy watching beautiful, innocent animals tortured to death – for “sport.” Spay and neuter these low-life human scumbags so they don’t breed more animal-abusing white trash into this human-littered world.

  4. Jackie Safran says:

    I am not a US citizen. I reside in the US. I know that the USA is better than this. Cruelty is very disturbing in any form.

  5. I have lived in SC for 5 years during our military years. I had no idea this was going on, it is totally disgusting and appalling. Poor bears going through unbelievable cruelty. I’m Dutch and I was astounded that practices like dogfights, roosterfights are fairly common. Barbaric….

  6. Kathleen Brown says:

    Governor Haley,

    Please! Please, do not take any step back on going forward with great stance and courage with strength of the powers of your resources, to hault this barbaric behaviour at once, and for all. Please do, take into account, the statistics that, those who harm animals are seven times more likely to harm a human being, and those who kill animals are seven times more likely to kill a human being. Please also take into account, the hoarding of animals killing for sport, is an international issue, whereas our planet is in dire need of providing protection for all wild animals, and insects, even if, for our very own survival… for, it is also documented that scientists anticipate that our earth will be completely extinct of land animals within the next fifty years; I add to that, unless a miracle happens. Please, Governor Haley, be a miracle hero to every animal and insect to be granted thier rights to safety and comfort and long life, to breed securely in their own habitat. I thank you, in advance, for saving these beautiful, soulful, innocent and needed, animals. Sincerely, Kathleen Brown.

  7. Cheryl Karluk says:


  8. Virginia Johnnson says:

    STOP this horrific practice. It is illegal in every “civilized” country except Pakistan and the United States of America. What example does our country set for the world?

  9. Amanda Leal says:

    This is so mean. Save bears please

    • The Carolinas and Tennessee have a large Bear Population and capture them for Bear baiting in SC and put them in Pits for tourists attractions in North Carolina and Tennessee so the morale of this story is boycott these places and email your congressmen and tell them to outlaw such practices…Thank You

  10. c’est monstrueux de voir t’en de souffrance en ver les animaux sauvage !! ce n’ai pas un sport c’est du massacre, j’ai honte de faire partie de la race humaine ! je dit stopppppppppp il faux arrêté sa toute suite

  11. These helpless Animals do not do these sorts of things to us Human beings. Where is the sense of civility in us? We have to ponder a while and see who is the animal here!

  12. What an inhumane act of cruelty to God’s creatures–society will be judged by the way it treats animals.

  13. I was born and raised in SC and am so very embarrassed that there are people in that state who think this kind of barbaric activity is even remotely OK. Shame, shame on SC!! Become civilized, people!!!

  14. Stop it right now this is not acceptable

  15. evelyn attanasio says:

    This is such cruel horror to do this to bears. Taking their teeth and claws too. I can not imagine any human wanting to do this to an animal. South Carolina stop this insane cruelty torture to these bears!!!! The pain and fear if being bitten and mauled by 300 dogs!!!!! while the bear is tied up and murdered!!! is awful. Can you imagine this being done to a human??? No.
    The people who do this should go to prison!!!!!

  16. I am horrified to discover that this barbarism is allowed to happen in the 21st century and in a so called civilised country. Cruelty to defenseless animals is only one step away from cruelty to children and people. Anyone who participates in this ‘sport’ does not deserve to be called human. They would be prosecuted in many countries for doing this.

  17. I am stunned as I cannot believe it that bear Baiting goes on in the U.S,that is atrocious.I know the U.S is one of the worst nations for cruelty to animals but this is primitive and evil.All those involved I wish the plague !SICK.

  18. Ruth Rogers says:

    {1 of 2895 Signed}

  19. Was this petition successful?

  20. Sam Outhorn says:

    What the hell is going on? South Carolina is still in the USA; NOT IN ASIA!!!

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