Stop Sexual Abuse of Animals: Make Bestiality a Crime

Target: U.S. Congress

Bestiality, or engaging in sexual acts with animals, is a very severe form of animal abuse. However, bestiality is considered a felony in only seventeen US states. Fourteen states consider bestiality a misdemeanor, of which include Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin. Nineteen states do not even consider bestiality a crime against animals. These states are Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Montana, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

A recent appalling case included three pit bull puppies who had been sexually abused in North Carolina. Various objects, including metal screws, had been placed into their rectums, which caused intestinal perforations. Sadly, one of the puppies, named Charity, had later died as a result of her injuries. The other puppies, named Faith and Hope, have each had four surgeries due to their injuries.

The state in which the puppies came from, North Carolina, does not consider bestiality illegal. As a result, their owner will not face any consequences for his actions. Anyone who commits these despicable acts against animals should face the appropriate consequences to show that animal abuse will not be tolerated in the United States.

Help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and tell U.S. legislators to pass “Charity’s Law”, which would make bestiality a felony in all U.S. states.


Dear U.S. Congress,

I encourage that you pass “Charity’s Law’, which will make the sexual abuse of animals (bestiality) a felony in all 50 U.S. states. So far, only 17 states consider bestiality a felony, while the rest consider it a misdemeanor or not a crime against animals at all.

However, I feel that by making bestiality a felony in all states, it can help play a major part in stopping sexual abuse against animals. In turn, the United States can be an example for other countries as well, by helping to convey that animal abuse of any type is unacceptable.

Thousands of animals are suffering right now because of abuse at the hands of people. As a result, I strongly request that you pursue “Charity’s Law” and help stop animal abuse in the United States.


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  1. Victoria Cole says:

    Though there may be varying levels of pain and abuse all is wrong, just because someone threatens or coerces someone into sex it may not be as bad as gang rape but it is perverse and sickening, an abuse of trust and against religion and nature. Whether in schools, religious abuse , hospitals or on animals it should be reported and everything done to stop it

  2. marga van der lans says:

    vreselijk moet gestopt worden

  3. yvonne leah moen-saldivar says:

    This not normal or healthy, wrong on so many levels.and i am a christian.its against god.they are companions nothing more.ghey need to be punnished. For beastialty.


  5. Mary Savage says:

    Disgusting humana

  6. Margaret forman says:

    This must STOP, makes me sick that we even have to have a petition 2 stop this….

  7. Sylvia Haddock says:

    WTF is wrong with this world !!!!!!!

  8. So whether someone inserts household objects or an inbred’s crab-infested dick into these poor animals, neither of these is considered animal abuse? What a bunch of classy pig-fucking politicians we have elected.

  9. This is soooooo sick, sick, sick people.

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