Stop Sexual Abuse of Animals: Make Bestiality a Crime

Target: U.S. Congress

Bestiality, or engaging in sexual acts with animals, is a very severe form of animal abuse. However, bestiality is considered a felony in only seventeen US states. Fourteen states consider bestiality a misdemeanor, of which include Arkansas, California, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin. Nineteen states do not even consider bestiality a crime against animals. These states are Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Montana, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

A recent appalling case included three pit bull puppies who had been sexually abused in North Carolina. Various objects, including metal screws, had been placed into their rectums, which caused intestinal perforations. Sadly, one of the puppies, named Charity, had later died as a result of her injuries. The other puppies, named Faith and Hope, have each had four surgeries due to their injuries.

The state in which the puppies came from, North Carolina, does not consider bestiality illegal. As a result, their owner will not face any consequences for his actions. Anyone who commits these despicable acts against animals should face the appropriate consequences to show that animal abuse will not be tolerated in the United States.

Help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and tell U.S. legislators to pass “Charity’s Law”, which would make bestiality a felony in all U.S. states.


Dear U.S. Congress,

I encourage that you pass “Charity’s Law’, which will make the sexual abuse of animals (bestiality) a felony in all 50 U.S. states. So far, only 17 states consider bestiality a felony, while the rest consider it a misdemeanor or not a crime against animals at all.

However, I feel that by making bestiality a felony in all states, it can help play a major part in stopping sexual abuse against animals. In turn, the United States can be an example for other countries as well, by helping to convey that animal abuse of any type is unacceptable.

Thousands of animals are suffering right now because of abuse at the hands of people. As a result, I strongly request that you pursue “Charity’s Law” and help stop animal abuse in the United States.


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  1. This petition seems to rashly confuse bestiality, in all forms, with strictly speaking abuse, and that is quite misleading. The example given is one of horrible cruelty which can (/should), in this case, be called zoo-sadism instead of bestiality (/zoophilia), seeing as it has as much to do with interspecies sex as sadistic acts of torture and bondage have to do with intra-species sex. This petition should be against cruelty by humans to nonhuman animals in general rather than using a bluntly misleading example against an expression of love across another yet-to-be overcome barrier just as race, gender, and status used to be. I, myself, am for the record against all forms of animal abuse including harmful sexual acts, ex A fully grown adult male human penetrating a female bichon frise puppy using sex “toys” would be wrong and cruel on many levels, or a young teen human venting her frustration on a old dog by beating him with a switch, would also be horrendous and sadistic; though I do not, however, think that a mature woman of legal age engaging in consentual sex (consent being another topic which can be debated on endlessly) with her fully grown male retriever dog with no bodily harm being done in the privacy of their home should be illegal. Or if the genders were reversed, or the nonhuman animal were any other (larger) domesticated mammal for that matter. If the only difference between an act of bestiality and a fully legal human sexual act is that a partner involved is not a human and instead is a domestic nonhuman mammal, I don’t think there should be a problem… if claim of it being unnatural or ‘wrong’ arise they can be responded to with “multiple records of interspecies sex occuring without human involvement exist, just take a look” etc.

    Please keep in mind that this is but the views of single individual and I do in no means intend to incite any harm or ill will towards anyone, regardless of their opinions, genetics, heritage or social status, etc.

    • Yami, you are a disgusting excuse for a human being if you think it’s okay for a woman to have sex with her dog. Absolutely disgusting

      • And you are a disgusting bigot for thinking that consensual sex with an adult animal is wrong.

        • Aluzky, an animal can not consent to have sexual relations with a human being, that is EXACTLY why it is wrong. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the act being painful or not. If one of the two parties can not consent, it is not consensual. Children and animals can not consent, therefor it is not consensual, and therefor it is not OK. Many sexually abused children struggle with guilt because on some level, their bodys responded to the sexual stimuli and felt some sort of pleasure, but this doesn’t mean it was not abuse. Animals react on instinct sexually, just like the physiology of any child(or adult), but it does not mean that the act is morally right. Abuse is also the abuse of power that a person(adult) has over an animal or, for that matter, a child, and making the decision for them to have sex. it is very important to understand this.
          Therefor sex with animals is, and will always be, WRONG.

    • YAMI, you need psychiatric help!

    • Carrie Davis says:

      Yami, your the reason we need the petition. Your SICK.

    • crystal powser says:

      Yami, It’s wrong for any person, man or woman to have sex with anyone other than another human being. You are a sick sick person. Go buy a vibrator if you can’t get a man and leave the poor dog alone. It’s against nature and the bible. You need help!

    • OMG yami you sick evil bitch, how the hell can you think it is ok to have sex with a dog, you said as long as it was consentual, how the hell does that work eh? how the hell can a dog consent to sex with a human, it is sick and wrong on so many levels and you yami need help with your mental health as you are clearly very sick and unbalanced, dogs are on this earth to be loved, respected and cared for, not raped or indulge with forplay with the dog.
      just think of what you have said, it is just as sick as raping that poor bichon puppy or the poor dog beaten with a stick, HUMANS ARE MEANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER HUMAN… NOT AN ANIMAL, and if you disagree book yourself into a mental hospital and keep away from animals, YOUR SICK

      • If the sex is consensual and harmless, then it is OK to have sex with the animal.
        Consent to sex with animal works in the same way as consent to sex with humans, you ask the animal for permission, they either answer YES or NO, if they say YES, you continue with the sex, if they say NO you stop. If they say NO at any point during sex, you stop. Works the same as having consensual sex with humans.
        It is sick and wrong? Like people find homosexual sex sick and wrong? Get over it, nobody is asking you to go fuck an animal. To zoosexuals it is not sick and not wrong.
        I don’t see anyone here supporting the rape of animals. I don’t see why sex can’t go alone with respect, love and care. You can do all of them with an animal, sex is pleasurable a long as it is consensual.
        Humans are not meant to have sex with other humans, humans are meat to do what ever humans wants to do. (of course, as long as they don’t violate anyone else rights) also, humans are ANIMALS.

        • Nightmare for Animal Abusers says:

          Anyone who thinnks or tries to justify that having sexual intercourse with an animal is “ok”needs to be taken outside and shot. Animals adult or not can not verbally agree that it is “ok” to rape them. They respond to the actions not out of choice but out of bodily functions. Is it “ok” to rape someone because their bodies are responding to the action? Hell no! All of those who want to keep making asinine comments on how it’s “ok” and how the animal says yes (animals don’t talk morons) are beyond help and need to be raped, beaten and left for dead. Pray none of u cross my path. I will gladly show u the same “twisted and deranged love” u have or will show those poor animals. And since all of u don’t believe in God, don’t pray to him to release u from your well deserved fate.

    • Aluzky amd Yami (I imagine the same person) are mentally sick!
      Animals CANNOT say yes or no to consent to sex!!!
      Fuck I pray to God that you haven’t reproduced!
      Do us all a favour and blow ur head off with a sawed off shotgun!!!
      Grrr what a sick fuck you are!!

    • You are truly one sick being. I won’t even say you are human. You really need some help. You are why animals are being abused and suffering. You are evil & sadistic in your head. You do not need to own a animal of any kind. You better do some kind of counseling and then you better go to church and pray to God to forgive you for your acts & for your thoughts of such gross nature. You are truly bound for HELL.

    • Jessica Fleischmann says:

      You’re clearly mentally ill. And a pathetic loser.

  2. Thank You for bringing attention to this miscarriage of justice. It is very important that our government acknowledge the fact that serial killers many times abused animals as children. Instead of looking at the statistics after the fact: WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THIS. It speaks volumes about those who would attack the helpless who have no voice. Animals FEEL! They BREATHE! They BLEED! And they have a will to survive and be happy, to live a full life. As the supposedly superior and more humane species, it is our duty to protect the animals who give their entire lives to be our companions and friends, often suffering terrible conditions and abuse. We MUST speak for them. And we must demand change from those we have chosen as our lawmakers. If we do not speak now, then WHEN? If we do not change things now, then WHAT happens to tomorrow’s children? When do we begin to set an example by saying it is wrong to harm those beings who cannot complain.
    Charity’s Law is very special to me, as Charity herself was a very special dog. Hope & Faith still suffer from the torture they endured. They DO have a chance because someone did step up and say what happened … even though they refused to speak in public for fear of retaliation. But the fact they spoke for three little scared pups saved the lives of two and gave Charity six months of love and knowing what being a part of a family is. Please, please do not ignore this terrible injustice.

    • This petition is misleading.
      Calling bestiality animal abuse is a hasty generalization fallacy, like calling human sex rape.

      Also, she said that bestiality is legal in many places, this is correct, but only consensual harmfree bestiality is legal, abusive bestiality is illegal in all USA states and all countries under animal abuse laws. Animal abuse laws makes illegal to abuse animal sexually or non-sexually.

      With consensual bestiality, no animal is abused, that is why many smart countries and states don’t have it as illegal. The only places where it is illegal, is for religious reasons, same reasons used to make homosexual sex illegal in the past and present.

  3. I am sure this type of animal cruelty is already illegal in every state. If Force Change wants to make sex with animals illegal, than use that as an example. Using the given example as logic, we may as well pass a law making owning screws illegal.


  5. I can’t even begin to imagine why a human would want to do this to an animal. Its INSANE and needs to be stopped. SICK SICK SICK it what springs to my mind!!!

  6. pley nicole says:

    Pas croyable une chose pareille, ces gens sont bons pour l’asile d’aliénés mentaux, ils faut les punir sévèrement.

  7. I find it disturbing that anyone would think this type of abuse is ok, whether it be in their home, with an adult large dog, an intact horse, or any other kind of LIVING BREATHING UNABLE to say NO type of “nonhuman”. I truly believe theres a special place for these individuals.. and if you support it,in ANY way,then you are as bad as they are.

  8. Beth Stephens says:

    Anyone whom would impose themselves on an animal should be locked up, it is NOT ok to do this and is an unnatural and inhumane act.

  9. Yami, it’s not ok for a woman to have sex with her dog or any other animal, your statement sickens me.These sick monsters that rape these innocent creatures who have no voice should be locked away for life and any government that allows such sadistic henious abuse is just as bad as the evil perpetrators if not worse.

    • And you say is not OK base on what? Do you come from from the same people that say homosexual sex is not OK?
      If the sex is consensual and harm-free, who cares if it is an animal or some one of the same sex.

      Animal rape is already illegal under animal abuse laws, so why are you complaining? You talk as if animal rape where legal.

  10. Everybody needs to get the fuck over it. It’s not any more wrong to have sex with animals then it is to have sex with humans. It doesn’t hurt anyone and it isn’t any sort of form of abuse, if you think its disgusting, then don’t do it, don’t view it, shit, don’t talk to anyone that does do it, but don’t try to say “it’s wrong” because not a single one of you has any right to say was is wrong or not. There’s nothing in the constitution that forbids it, there’s no real moral breach, no harm, no abuse, no rape, nothing just something that could easily be considered weird and gross, BUT JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS WEIRD AND GROSS DOES NOT MEAN IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

    • So Aaron, you think that it should be legal? To have sex with an animal that can’t say no? Maybe the dog doesn’t want to do shit like that, but it’s okay? For those of you who think it’s okay, you’re fucked. Animals were not put on earth to satisfy a disgusting humans’ needs. Humans are made to be with each other, as animals are meant to be with their own kind. Anyone who’s too fucked up to know that, you really need help.

    • crystal powser says:

      Aaron, you are a sick puke too. You state it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s not a form of abuse? Take a look at janey who was raped by a 54 year old man. he tore her up, that is abuse and very painful to the dog. How would you like to be raped over and over, day after day, month after month, year after year and not fed as well. You don’t deserve to call yourself a human being. You are so sick you of course would probably like getting raped..

    • It DOES hurt when the animal is give an STD that infects it’s body are you gonna say that does not hurt. I saw a female dog that has that to face and needs treatment for and every time the Vet walked to the back of her she hung her head and sighed out loud. You sick bitch. You have no idea. Also, another poor dog was raped till she bleed to death and was left on the side walk bleeding. You need to be locked up forever or either you need to blow your own shit away and be done with it……you are the sickest of all.

  11. Ashleigh Barton says:

    Animals today….children tomorrow. People that abuse the helpless & innocent are deeply disturbed & need to be kept away from all innocent creatures, whether human or animal. The psychology behind these horrific sadistic acts is clear. It’s all about control & power & depravity. IMO, humans that engage in this behavior would do a great service to animals & humans alike if they would simply disappear.

    • Children can’t give informed consent, so that won’t happen.
      Adult animals can give valid animal consent, that is why it is legal to let adult animal have sex.
      If is ok for a dog to fuck another dog, why would it be wrong to let the same dog fuck a human? If the sex is consensual, it is not wrong.
      Consensual sex with animal is not abusive, people (haters) are trying to convince people that bestiality is always abusive, when is not.

      • Do you speak dog? How about pig? Right, no! You are gross! It makes me sad thinking about you having pets, or kids… I hope to god you dont. Go screw a chair if you can’t find human love…We can all clearly read why its been so hard for you to find human companionship. Keep that disturbing opinion to yourself. These comments should be reserved for people who care for and respect animals.

  12. sex with any aniaml is wrong if anybody thinks other wise are sick people this is abuse it is rape and when they die it is murder this need to stop if you need to stick it somewhere buy a blow up or drill a hole in th ewhole and hope you get it stuck sick people need to be punished i saw those poor babies that they are talking about and this man son a 15 yr was doing this you can imagine what this man is teaching his son and to have screws put up your rectam is abuse no what which way you see it that poor babies went threw hell they would huddle together for safety it was sad and heart braking this needs to be a law in every state it needs to be a felony animals should have rights just like us if you get rape wouldn’t you want justice

  13. Lícia Amaral says:

    Stop Sexual Abuse of Animals: Make Bestiality a Crime!!!! B-(

  14. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Ghandi

  15. I am from North Carolina and I have never been so embarassed to admit it in my life. Nobody loves their dogs more than I do (don’t you sickos who think sex is ok think I am speaking sexually, that is what my wife is for). This subject is so despicable I can’t even believe we are having to talk about it. I sure hope the law will be changed.

    • There is nothing wrong with having consensual sex with adult animals.
      And non-consensual sex with animals is already illegal in all USA under animal abuse laws.

  16. Monica Jacobs says:

    This is a messed up situation and the people doing it should be brought to justice abusing animals the Good Lord puts here for us and somebody has to b a sick individual to even to b able to have a thought go through your head about anything like this. Yes they should be put away for this type of abuse. I really have more to say but need to b a lady and so I won’t say what I really want to but I will say whatever u do to them needs to be done to you times 10!!!!

    • What good lord?
      Animal abuse is illegal in all countries and states, be sexual abuse or non-sexual abuse.
      This petition is misleading, it says that all bestiality is abusive and that is not true.

  17. to all those saying Yami is sick etc… i consider sick fat people eating at mc donalds not having sex with a dog

  18. I’d like to ask why many of you seem to believe that animals can’t consent, and also why you think they are “innocent” when mature. Any dog (or horse or other large mammal) is capable of biting (kicking etc.) and severely maiming any daft human who ignores a lack of consent, initially shown through a raised tail held aside (“flagging”) or any other way that a non-human animal would consent within their own respective species. Zoophiles should be judged as individuals. I’m sure the majority of loving zoophiles take better care of their animals than any non-zoophiles anyway.

    If you say they can’t consent to sex and therefore it is always rape, then is it not always forceful detainment to keep an animal as a pet?
    It is also very hypocritical of you to make claims about the supposedly inherent abuse that is an inter-species relationship if you eat meat. The same goes for eating eggs, dairy, or using any leather products, be it furniture, shoes, belts or car upholstery. If you contribute to the use of animals for profit, you have no argument against me, and trying makes you nothing but a hypocrite. Of course it is abhorrently awful to insert screws into a dog’s rectum – what you must grasp is that a zoophile is deeply attracted to their associated species, and want the warm kisses and beach walks every bit as much as the sex. Zoophiles are also born as such – it is a sexual orientation that is not chosen, nor can it be changed. Dr Hani Miletski, PhD, did a fantastic study on zoophiles, it is a brilliant read and I highly recommend it if you are open to the thoughts of others.

    May I just question: Why is there so much hate? Why are we unable to simply love one another without passing judgement? I love you, no matter whom you are, and it would be fantastic to have the same respect afforded to me.

    Now, it seems to me that you have yet to prove why a loving sexual relationship with an animal is wrong in secular terms. As I have debunked the consent argument and the Bible is useless on an atheist, I would like to see how you can justify my “wrongness”. And no, calling me “sick” is not a valid argument, it is your personal opinion. Again, please refrain from preaching your religion, I choose not to subscribe to faith and I would like you to respect that.

    Not once have I been abusive in this post. If you choose to reply with a grammatically incorrect text wall in capital letters, I will disregard you as someone who has erected a wall out of prejudice and is throwing themselves forward in a blind rage in the hope that nobody will notice their lack of logic.

    Thank you.

    • I have to agree with the people who can actually distinguish the difference between abuse and consensual sex. The point you made about how we eat animals as well is a very good one. As that in and of itself can also be considered abuse. I doubt that those cows want to be killed just so we can eat. I haven’t had sex with any animals yet, but I do feel the attraction to them, just like I feel attracted to both men and women. It’s nothing I can control- it just is.

      • Leo, I appreciate your sincerity of purpose. I would like to add that The General Theory of Crime asserts that low self-control is the major cause of all crimes and anti-social behaviors. Researchers have reported that sonic therapy promotes high self-control. So, it’s a matter of ignorance when people succumb to lusty desire and call it “love” as against lust. Lust has forced people to commit statutory rape which has catapulted more than a few pedophiles, including female teachers into prison.

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