Don’t Cut Government Funding for Conservation

Target: United States House of Representatives

Goal: Do not approve large cuts to the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Recently, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill that would cut money from wildlife and conservation funds and instead give it to the Departments of the Interior and Transportation. If this bill passes, conservation funds such as the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund will not be able to start new projects, or even complete current projects. Instead, the money will instead go to oil companies, which may use it to further harm the environment.

If passed, this bill will cut 80% of the money meant for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This means that there will be no more projects to acquire new land to be saved. There may not be enough funding to continue to protect current acquired lands. Allowing lands across the country to go unprotected will open them up to harm from pollution or destruction. In the past, LWCF has protected areas such as the Grand Canyon, Everglades, and Mount Rainier. These nationally treasured areas may face destruction without the LWCF’s protection.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund does not take money from taxes. Instead, the fund’s revenue comes from royalties paid by gas and oil companies. This means that by cutting the funding for this fund, the money is not being used for the benefit of the taxpayers, but instead being given back to those gas and oil companies. This will hurt the environment by taking away its federally funded protection. Tell the House of Representatives not to support this bill.


Dear United States House of Representatives,

Recently, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill that would cut 80% of the money meant for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This means that the fund will not have enough to start any new projects, and may not be able to continue current projects. As this fund protects many national treasures such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Rainier, cutting the funding for them may result in serious destruction to these natural areas.

I ask you to vote against this bill. Protecting the environment is a very important issue right now, and such a drastic cut in funding this protection should not be changed. Additionally, the money for this fund does not come from taxes, but instead from gas and oil companies which are part of the cause of the pollution in the first place. The Land and Water Conservation Fund deserves this money in order to protect the environment, and should not be forgotten for other issues.


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  1. gopalakrishna says:

    The Govt funding for habitat should not be cut, habitat is required for enviornament

  2. This ti too important for my grandsons futures & others like them.

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