Ban Torturous Hanging of Greyhounds in Spain

Target: Rosa Aguilar Rivero, Spain’s Environmental Minister

Goal: Stop the cruel hanging of thousands of Greyhounds at the end of Spain’s hunting season.

Greyhounds, referred to as ‘Galgos’ in Spanish, are commonly used as sporting dogs in Spain. They are most commonly used to hunt hares and other forms of small game. According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, tens of thousands of Spanish Greyhounds are cruelly hung to death every year at the end of the hunting season. Dogs who had more successful hunting seasons are reportedly rewarded for their talents by being hung higher up or with shorter ropes, allowing them a quicker death. Dogs who preformed poorly during the hunting season are commonly hung on longer ropes, so that their feet just barely touch the ground, forcing them to suffer a prolonged and torturous death.

Ex-hunting dogs who are not hung don’t face much better fates. In life, most Galgos are kept in deplorable conditions. Many of them are abandoned, or forced to suffer cruel deaths, such as being burned alive. Killing hunting dogs after the hunting season is over seems to be a tradition for many Spanish hunters. The methods used to kill the dogs are rarely humane.

These blatant acts of cruelty are not currently illegal in Spain, because the country’s animal protection laws apply only to dogs that are considered to be pets. Sporting, hunting, and stray dogs are not classified as pets, and thus not protected by anti-cruelty laws. By signing the petition below, you are sending the message to the government of Spain that the acts of cruelty against Spanish hunting and sporting dogs should not be tolerated. Urge the Spanish government to create new laws that protect the welfare of all animals, rather than just those of pets.


Dear Rosa Aguilar Rivero,

This letter is on behalf of the tens of thousands of Spanish Greyhounds, or “Galgos ,” who are tortured and abused in your country each year. After brief, often times harsh, lives serving as sporting and hunting dogs, the corpses of these dogs can commonly be seen dangling from the trees they were hung on. The dogs who manage to avoid this particular fate don’t usually fare much better, most of them eventually ending up tortured and buried in mass graves.

These blatant acts of cruelty should not be legal. Just because an animal is used for a purpose, such as hunting, does not mean that it doesn’t deserve the same level of respect extended to pet animals. Hunting, sporting, and stray dogs are living creatures, not objects to be treated like trash.

Please consider creating new laws to protect the welfare of all animals in Spain. Extend the current animal protection laws to include all animals rather than just pets, or implement new laws to protect the welfare of sporting and stray dogs in Spain.

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  1. patrizia nassetti says:

    A morte a morte questi assassini non devono vivere!

  2. kanan đỗ says:

    một truyền thống thật dã man

  3. 야이 나쁜놈의 새끼들아 너네가 그러고도 인간이냐
    대체 뭐가 잘란 인간이라고 동물들을 그렇게 학대하냐

  4. 똑같이당해라

  5. 똑같이 죽어라 제발 시발

  6. How sad. Pray for the animals. The people are so evil to do the things they do and enjoy.

  7. I never buy anything Spanish and never go there (was taken there as a child a few times and hated it then). Despicable people and culture, right up there with the Chinese and Vietnamese when it comes to their perverted attitude towards animals. If more people boycotted Spain as a tourist destination and Spanish products they might just get the message.

  8. Knuckle dragging Spaniards should be executed.

  9. Emily March says:

    What I fail to understand is… how come that Spain, a EU member country, gets away with such disgraceful medieval behaviour all the time? There are laws in the European Union, also in the field of animal protection. How come they get so easily overlooked by member countries, and – in turn – this is being ignored by decision makers within the EU?… If you are a member country, with all that represents in the way of advantages etc., ABIDE by the rules – or get out; it’s as simple as that!

  10. Sam Outhorn says:

    Spain is a beautiful country; Spanish people are very sociable and generous as a rule. Their attitude towards animals is often a matter of education, like everywhere else : the higher the standing the better. Spain would indeed benefit from observing European legislation in the field more, whether the ‘noticias juridicas’ be general or regional. As far as I am aware, abuse stays reprehensible and open to sanctions under all. Many things now are still 100% horribly wrong. But change may also come from within thanks to protests and protection societies as well as the law. If there is hope in China, please let there be some here…

  11. Min Jee Kim says:

    Shame on you!

  12. horst von der stadt says:


    I commend all of your peacefulness even in the face of such atrocities. I for myself would like to book a flight to spain, catch one of those bastards and let him have the very same fate as he dished out on those innocent dogs.

    There is NO excuse for this. Causing such suffering to an animal that actually brought food to your table is pretty much the lowest you can get.

    One more thing though, to all of you Americans complaining about European animal cruelty, let me tell you that your government killed many, many innocent people over the last decades – for profit. (IRAK; IRAN etc.) You as a nation (not as Americans) are the evil that you claim to wish to eridicate from the planent. Think about (better: do something about it)

  13. business_nunya says:

    i have come to the conclusion that there is no country on planet earth that doesn’t suck balls.

  14. phyllis mootz says:

    because it’s torture – stop

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