The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People”

Target: The History Channel and the producers of “Swamp People”

Goal: Convince the History Channel to discontinue the reality TV show “Swamp People” and all other shows that advocate hunting and killing animals.

Killing animals is not an acceptable thing, nor should it be televised as a reality TV show. It is clear that the History Channel and the producers of Swamp People are solely interested in making money wherever possible and they clearly have no regard for wildlife. Swamp People is a reality TV show that the History Channel airs which documents the Cajuns, or swamp people, that live in Louisiana in the swamp areas who hunt and kill innocent alligators during alligator season in order to make a living. In doing so, these “swamp people” go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter. Usually, the alligators are not easily killed with one bullet shot, so it usually takes several shots. Sometimes the alligators are seen trying to swim away but they cannot because they are injured and suffering from the pain of having been shot. The alligators never get away because they are captured by the swamp people. In other cases, the swamp people lay out bait with sharp hooks that get caught on the mouths of alligators. These alligators have to endure the immense pain sometimes for hours before the swamp people come to kill them. What is even more sad is that while the swamp people are killing the alligators, they are laughing and joking about it. While the swamp people are not torturing and killing alligators, they are seen hunting and killing other innocent animals for fun.

There is certainly nothing funny about killing and torturing animals and it is such a tragedy that even the History Channel would support it by airing such a barbaric thing. This TV show depicts cruel and inhumane behavior toward animals and what is sick about it is that it is not only supported but encouraged by channels such as the History Channel. Killing innocent animals in their natural habitat and making money off of it not only should be illegal and discouraged, but be made a crime to televise such cruelty for entertainment and money. On top of that, this show and others like it continues such myths that alligators are bad and dangerous animals. They are no different than you or me; alligators, like all animals are only trying to survive. It is obvious that humans kill far more alligators and other animals than animals kill humans.

In the same manner that shows like this continue the myths that alligators are dangerous so supposedly it makes it OK for people to hunt and kill them, it also makes the younger generation think that it is OK to hunt and kill animals. By airing this show, the History Channel is giving a bad influence to kids who might watch this show. This show does absolutely nothing to educate the younger generation about wildlife, living in harmony with animals and having an appreciation for them, but rather, it continues to promote killing as a solution which is never a solution. Killing will never solve any problems, it only continues them.

Shame on the History Channel for promoting such cruel, horrific and heart wrenching behavior and for not really educating the younger generation about wildlife, but only educating them about killing. Shame on the state of Louisiana for allowing this kind of thing to happen. The Cajuns claim that alligator hunting is a tradition of theirs that dates back to several hundred years ago. So supposedly that makes it OK for them to continue killing innocent creatures? Living in a modern country, why would anyone allow such barbaric things to continue on, tradition or not? Times change, people change, things change and laws change. I say that hunting and killing animals needs to be 100% illegal and that this show be taken off the air for good. It is time that people become educated about how valuable wildlife and nature are and that we should respect them.

Please sign this petition to demand that Swamp People be taken off the air and that animals should not be treated in such cruel ways, that it is not OK to make money off killing innocent creatures.


Dear History Channel and the producers of Swamp People,

While your reality TV show Swamp People may be entertaining to some people, it is highly offensive to others. It also does not even talk about history, so it really does not make sense for you to air that show. Swamp People does nothing to educate people about history, it only promotes killing. It is very immoral to air a show that depicts people torturing and killing animals. This is no way to live and the fact the people actually make money on killing animals is barbaric. I am very ashamed that you, the History Channel, would ever support such a horrible thing, much less encourage it. I urge you to think about it and to realize that killing animals or any living creature is not acceptable and should not be shown for entertainment and profit.

You should be concerned about the kind of people that may watch your show, such as kids, and the kind of effect it may have on them. This is not a good influence for kids and should not be dismissed as if it were. Promoting killing as a hobby or as a solution to any problem will never solve them, it will only continue the violence and killing and continue to make this world a horrible place to live in.


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  1. Kill, kill, kill that is all man knows, God said TEND to my animals and take CARE of them, he made them and he is the balance keeper, man is the animal who ruins the balance, but nature will fix its self, look to Japan, they eat fish and are the healthy lot of us, animals feel just like you do, i wonder what animal they will endanger next, leave them alone…why cant the swamp people get normal jobs…fix cars, farm, woman should cook and sew not kill animals , remember,,, animals were here first ! (as were the Indians ) look what happened to them…man killed them..

    • Larry Kanzia says:

      There are indians killing Gators, what now?

      • Cindy Moynan says:

        Do they have a TV show? Wait do you mean Native Americans or Indians from India? no matter neither have TV shows showing their blantant disregard of life

        • Dennis Wrobleski says:

          dumbass some of the guys on swamp people are native american, that giy with the long braided rat tail is native and he says its part of his family tradition

  2. Stop airing The Swamp People they are brakeing God s Laws. What they are doing is very bad. There going agenst God s will. They better stop what they are doing Becouse God is comeing !!!!! God will distory all these Evil People who do this.

    • I absolutely love Swamp People. It portrays honest, hard working, salt of the earth types doing what it takes to feed their families. All these bunny hugging antihunting nitwits are living in a fantasy Walt Disney cartoon or something. Wild animals were put here for us to kill and eat, not to be buddies with. It is basic human instinct, and if these idiots were ever put in a situation where they had to hunt to survive, they would be kissing Troy Landry’s cajun ass for a couple of pounds of gator meat. Take comfort fellow hunters, if it all ever goes south, people like this will starve out in short order. I wouldn’t let them have the gut pile out of anything I killed.

    • Your so full of shit lady! God put these animals here for us to soon! Learn to spell are you mentally challenged or something! Only retarded people think this way!

    • Larray Kan says:

      People like you who PRETEND to know what some unseen “god” wants make me want to VOMIT! God’s very existence has never been empirically proven. Do that, then have a conference on the subject THEN when you KNOW what god wants, THEN and ONLY THEN can you PRESUME to know what your god THINKS! So from now on SPEAK ONLY FOR YOURSELF and leave everyone else ALONE!

    • They are “brakeing” God’s laws? Explain Acts 10:13. The Bible has spoken. Learn what you are talking about, and also, learn to spell.

    • Why in the fuck do people continue to speak for an unseen magical person? When someone has completely disregarded the logical and really have no damn explanation at all for what they are talking about its always “Well God dont want u to. or Your breaking gods laws… Well tell him to come talk to me because if there is a god then logically he is MAJORLY DISAPPOINTED at idiots using his name to explain shit that really has no explanation and gonna ask u why u jumped on the band wagon of all these bible thumpers telling u ur going to hell if u dont follow there ways. because i hate to bust your fucking bubble but the truth of the matter is if there is a god, and say u dont believe. or doubt all the stuff u hear then ask why and they say u gotta have FAITH. i can promise god is gonna laugh at your dumbass’s and explain how stupid u are for believe all this shit when really every person with a decent heart and genuinely good person who trys to do right. even the ones who do not believe in god. will be setting in heaven because they are good people, not because they believed someone irrational story. damn bible thumpin idiots

  3. Jason sigmon says:

    You heathen who mentioned God do not know him because you put an animal above man don’t use his name for your own gain you will heap hot coals on your own head. Did Jesus die for a gator? What is the bible about do you know? What do u think Christ will say on the day of judgment well done my good and faithful servant you saved my animals,No I don’t think so read the bible in context.may God have mercy on you.

  4. Really y’all are stupid it’s nature are you gonna tell a lion not to kill his prey because it is cruel? Everyone has been eating meat since “God” created it. And I’m pretty sure God did some fishing in his days as well because the bible does talk about sharing fish and bread for dinner right? Well y’all are a bunch of fucking hypocritical dumb asses that interpret the bible wrong! So get the hell over it…. btw I’m watching swamp people as I’m writing this.

  5. Dear Swamp People. You People have not any rights too kill inasent Anumals like you do;-///;-///: it’s wrong thrue God s eyes for you all too do that you better give it up or you won’t see day light again Becouse God will not for give you you have hurted him in a way he dont like.

  6. Mary you make good since;-((( Those Men & Women who kills Anumals will see Jeovah God s anger they are hurting Him & they don’t even care at all. They don’t know the true God ! Any way there not well manner People.

  7. It’s wrong too kill Anumal or Jeovah s Creachers there doing bad things ! I wish People would know what they are doing butt they don’t care well any way it’s there life not mine. I know the truth about God not them.

  8. Why are we humans so blood thirsty all life should be protected there is cruelty in the way the alligators are killed the pain and suffering caught on large hooks waiting for there life to end is there not a more less cruel way of catching and killing as I know this is there way of life and thay depend on the income to survive please just fine a less cruel way of ending life

  9. No one forces people to watch the show. Since humans are the only predators for alligators, this is the only way to keep the alligator population under control. Alligators do reproduce, without thinning the population they would move in from the swamps and start eating pets and humans.
    Africa’s wildlife population is in danger of becoming extinct because the alligator population is out of control. They’re eating animals faster than they can reproduce. The alligator population is eating everything and lives longer than any land animal. So the land animals are getting lower and lower in population and what’s left of the land animals are struggling to find food. Alligators eat giraffes, zebras, gazelles, lions, tigers, elephants and anything that come for a drink of water. What will the alligators eat once the land animals are gone? Yes, they will move onto humans. It happens in Africa all the time.
    Thanks to the Swamp People and alligator control they are trying to keep the population of alligators down.
    People complaining need to Goggle some facts on alligators that kill humans. Alexandria Murphy, only 2 years old, was killed by an alligator 700 ft from her home. Most of the human kills were in Florida. They need to move some swamp people to Florida.
    Humans life is more important than anything else. On the website “Viralnova” it is estimated that 1500 to 2500 people are killed by alligators in the world every year. So thank you Swamp People for every human life you save.

  10. People who live in the city are not used to see animal killing so i respect that and people kill animals because their use to is the same thing. People just have to understand that other can take it because their use to it and others not. I experience to live both worlds so i respect each others individuality. So yeah chill out people ans just repect each other. We really cant do anything. If its endagered species yeah probably i will tell people this show is bad but right now its ok. Its sad because we dont usually kill usuall animals we eat but its the same thing. Peace out

  11. swamp people tv show is about killing wildlife for prize monoey. I guess if you don’t feel bad for these gators then I guess it interesting show. I enjoy History channel but this is one show I feel bad and I think it shouldn’t be on. Greed = History channel


  12. Anyone who tries to interfere with me getting food on my dinner plate will find themselves being on it instead. People trying to interfere with my hunting interfere with my dinner.

  13. all thing ,s have to eat but not kid,s and old people and pet,s ihear they are good meat to eat, .ihave a framily to keep them safe , from grandpa and a dad

  14. Gary Sharp says:

    Watching swamp people and lovin’ it. Its no myth gators are dangerous. Here in FL weve lost enough kids, dogs, and elderly to know theyre dangerous. As for the show being offensive? Heres the thing. Theres a magical device called a remote control. If you take your head out of your rectal region and proceed to climb off of your left wing high horse (or donkey, as the case may be) you can press either channel up, or channel down. Problem solved. Dont come online and whine like the children you all claim not to be. These people work harder for their money than most of you will ever have to. Respect that there are still people willing to do this to provide, rather than condemning them for it.

  15. If you don’t like what’s on the channel, change it. That’s your prerogative. Theese people don’t kill for the thrill of it. It’s their way of life. And they do not waste anything, either. All parts of the animal are used. If they miss their shot, they go back and get the animal. I’ve even seen them rescue animals. They’re not inhuman. Again, if you don’t like what’s on the channel, don’t watch it. I will NOT sign you petition, but I WILL respect your right to your own opinion. Enough said!

  16. Swamp people makes me sick. Just like hunting. To all you thick as shit bastards we are 99% genetically the same as all other primates so we don’t need to eat meat and through most of our evolution we haven’t eaten meat. Why else do you think we need to cook it to make it edible? When was the last time you saw a gorilla eating a pig, sheep, cow or gator? You think your tough shooting something from a safe distance? Well actually your just fucking pussies. The worst kind of pathetic coward scum. See how tough you are when someone blows your brains out. I hope you all rot in hell or even better are reincarnated as factory farm animals. The only species that needs culling on this planet is our own.

  17. Its prety pathetic to see so many coments that are hatefull towards others and at the same time talk about the bible. God teaches love and kindness. The purpose of the petition is to raise awareness of animal rights. Yes the bible say we shall have dominon over animals but he cared also for animals enough to have noah build an arc to ensure their survival and humans since have been the cuase of countless endangerments and extinctions due to ignorance, profits, and poching. He said dominion not domination.

    Also native indians hunted with arows and spears. Not guns. And native indians had the highest respect for animals and worshipped wildlife and nature. They would never kill for entertainment and profits.

    Please educate yourselves people.

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