Save Cats and Dogs in South Korea from Brutal Deaths

Target: President Lee Myung-bak

Goal: Enforce legislation regarding the slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption to protect them from horrific abuse.

Each year in South Korea, two million cats and dogs are captured by butchers and sold in open markets for human consumption. They suffer atrocities—dogs are slowly torn apart, electrocuted, strangled, or beaten to death, while cats are bludgeoned and boiled alive. Despite the fact that only a small minority of South Koreans consumes cat and dog meat, the industry thrives because of the perpetuation of lies and government indifference.

Most South Koreans consider cats and dogs as companion animals, and South Korea’s Animal Protection Law, passed in 1991, acknowledges them as “domestic pets.” Historically, South Koreans have only eaten dogs in times of severe poverty, yet even then they were still treated as companion animals. But a small number still believe the myth that cat and dog meat have medicinal properties.

Unscrupulous meat traders perpetuate the myths that dog meat increases male sexual prowess and that cats produce tonics that cure rheumatism and arthritis. Legislation was passed last year that increases punishment of those found guilty of cruelly killing or injuring an animal to a year in prison or a fine of 10 million won (about 8,800 dollars). However, this illegal industry holds great power as it bribes government officials and police, hires thugs to intimidate animal welfare advocates, and persuades newspapers to continue the perpetuation of myths about the medicinal value of cats and dogs.

It is estimated that there are nearly 6,500 establishments trading cats and dogs in South Korea. Illegal and unsanitary dog farms exist throughout rural parts of the country, where dogs are raised and sold to butchers. South Korean officials must work to enforce animal protection laws in order to save innocent cats and dogs from gruesome deaths.


Dear President Lee Myung-bak,

Millions of cats and dogs are suffering brutal deaths in the illicit meat trading industry, largely because of government indifference. South Korea passed stricter laws intended to protect these animals, yet it seems nothing is being done.

Only a very small minority of South Koreans consumes cat and dog meat; most consider these animals to be domestic pets. It is largely because of the power of the meat trade industry to bribe officials and persuade newspapers to perpetuate the myths about the medicinal value of cats and dogs that this industry still exists.

It is up to you to determine the fate of these unlucky animals. Please strengthen and better enforce legislation that bans the trade of cat and dog meat.


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  1. Franco Ferroni says:

    Popolo di barbari sterminatori!
    Dovrebbero essere espulsi dall’ONU e con loro anche i cinesi!!!!

  2. Atroce, il faut que cela cesse

  3. dos mesmo jeito que não comemos humanos eles nao devem comer animais domésticos isto não e ser um humano mais provar que e tao irracional quanto estes pobres animais sou contra, os animais passando fome sede e mais condições ainda bem que amo e cuido muito bem dos meus caesinhos proibam isto urgente

  4. voi non siete nemmeno umani, non avete il cervello, figuriamoci se avete il cuore, nemmeno nella preistoria trattavano cosi’ gli animali….auguro a tutti voi la sorte che fate fare a loro….con tutto il cuore

    • marina Alescekevich says:

      bastardi maledetti dovete fare lo stesso fine ignoranti pezzi di merda asiatica…volete capire che questi animali NON SONO IL CIBO

  5. Such disgusting people who fail to understand the importance of dogs and cats in human lives as companion, service animals. For good health etc. These animals have a very high importance to humans they are not food. If you would only stop eating them and instead let them live as your companion you would see the enormous health benefits you would gain from them. They keep your blood pressure normal. they relieve stress, they prevent diabetes and many major illness. They have the ability to detect cancer in humans. So eating them is senseless when you could benefit far more by living with them. Please try living with them and see the health benefits.

    • Neal Bedwell says:

      And of course like all sentient animals, their lives are important to THEM as well. The most important thing to a dog (or a cow, sheep, or pig for that matter. .. westerners take note!) is not how much value they can be to us, although event Ann says is also true.

      Above all, they simply want to live their lives, just like we do.

  6. STOP Brutality with Cats & Dogs

  7. I dont know what to say any more this is so so bad fuking Korean pepole

  8. Very bad i wish to realy understand the world that we live but i dont any more .fuck the Korean peple ugly with no heArt my god .hop god will bern them in hell all this ugly corporation go to hell the devel is beter then thos peple

  9. julie watson says:

    This cruelty has to stop ,the horrifick pai the go through,so wrong ,china Korea and other countries have to realize its so wrong and how cruel and evil they are,their governments should be ashamed of them selfs for letting this happen

  10. Please help make a difference. Every life is important. Every life feels pain. Lets help stop animal cruelty and abuse. Help make a difference small steps at a time.

  11. vi prego passa parola per firmare la petizione! magari noi faremo unire in tutto il mondo stesso il giorno al corteo contro in asia a smettere sfruttare i cani e gatti ( sfortunati).

  12. marina Alescekevich says:

    STOP Killing cats and dogs,this animals NOT FOOD

  13. South Korea, practice compassion and educate yourselves. Animals are intelligent and sweet and they deserve to be treated kindly and with respect. Animals are man’s companions and can feel people’s pain and offer comfort. This is really barbaric and immoral behavior on your part.

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