Don’t Allow Pets to be Artificially Colored with Dye

Target: Governor Rick Scott of Florida

Goal: Don’t allow pet stores to sell artificially colored chicks and rabbits for Easter.

This Easter, millions of Americans will celebrate the arrival of spring with vibrant colors and sweet treats. But in Florida, the upcoming seasonal festivities may come at the expense of innocent living creatures. A new bill that has just passed through the Florida House would put domesticated animals in danger of becoming live holiday decorations this Easter. The bill would overturn a 45-year ban on dyeing live animals, and would permit pet stores to sell brightly colored chicks and rabbits.

The dyes used on these animals can kill if the animal ingests them while cleaning itself or if the colorful compounds clog its pores. Not only are the chemicals themselves toxic, but they also sentence animals who survive the dyeing process to a lifetime of misery. The practice of selling live animals as seasonal decor all too often leads to widespread neglect and abandonment. Many parents who purchase rabbits or chicks for their children in celebration of Easter aren’t prepared to care for the animal for the rest of its life. When children grow bored of the pet, their parents either turn it in to an already overburdened animal shelter, set it loose into the wild, or allow it to die from neglect.

No animal should have to suffer for the sake of human festivities. The proposed bill would undo a 45-year track record of protecting small animals from being sold as Easter trinkets. Urge Gov. Scott to veto this backwards piece of legislation by signing the petition below today.


Dear Governor Scott,

For 45 years, Florida law has protected small animals from being dyed and sold as Easter decorations. But new legislation that would overturn that ban threatens the wellbeing of animals throughout the state.

If the toxic dye itself doesn’t kill them, coloring live animals encourages families to purchase these living creatures on impulse as novelties–toys to be played with and then discarded some weeks later. Florida’s animal shelters are already overflowing with unwanted pets and many homeless animals are forced to roam the streets until they die. Lifting the dyeing ban would only serve to multiply the number of unwanted animals sentenced to death by neglect.

I ask that you veto the bill that would permit this cruel practice in the state of Florida. No animal should have to undergo the painful process of dyeing and its inevitable resulting abandonment.

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  1. Michelle Walker says:

    How many utterly, stupid, cruel, idiotic twits are there in this world. America sort your lunatics out because I’m sick of the shit that starts there and ends up over here. ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS. Stop dressing them, stop using them but most of all stop abusing them.

  2. Sandy Elder says:



  3. I thought this disgusting practice was gone forever and then saw this….c’mon, people, we are way smarter than this 40 years down the road !!! NO ONE should be buying baby chicks, bunnies, or ducks or any other live animal for an Easter present. Stick to the chocolate ones.

  4. This is bestial bull-sh*t perpetrated by sub-human cretins to rake in filthy dollars at the expense of innocent little animals. This makes me ashamed that these cretins are part of the “human”race! Drown these nut cases in flaming dye and be done with them, once and for all. It is said there will only be peace and joy on this planet when all the “humans” are removed. Absolutely RIGHT ON !!!

  5. Christine Stewart says:

    Please don’t let them dye baby chicks and bunnies! This makes them look more like toys than living animals, and encourages people to buy them on impulse- without any comprehension of how to properly care for this animal for the next 5-8 years!

  6. Animals are not decorations! They are living beings and God’s creatures. People who abuse animals, or encourage the abuse of animals by buying animals or products from animals that were tortured and abused, have lot of nerve calling themselves religious and God fearing.

  7. Rosetta Hutchins Responsible dog groomers use vegetable based dyes, they’re not toxic and will not hurt the dog. So it’s perfectly safe to dye the animal. if not somewhat stupid, or unusual to some of us.

  8. There should also be a petition to outlaw selling nonhuman animals for religious rituals.

  9. It is unbelievable that a law that has existed for so long should be overturned in order to allow such a cruel practice. It’s bad enough that animals are treated as toys, that their needs and suffering don’t count, but then to turn around and make it worse…what are they thinking. This is a state where an unarmed teenaged boy can, it appears, be legally shot to death because someone deems him to be a threat, so perhaps we can’t expect any better, but one still lives in hope that sanity and compassion will emerge.

    Barry Kent MacKay

  10. Linda Brink says:

    Poor babies. Just the beginning of their suffering at the hands of unthoughtful people, I fear. This is so obviously, terribly, wrong.

  11. Wayne Arthur says:

    You gotta be joking! I didn’t no such an absolutely stupid thing existed! How stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid and people be? The poor animals already got things going against them from birth simply by other animal predators and human eating predators and this stuff too? I’m a 62 year old conservative person and even though I kinda fear death it’s things like this that make it easier! I won’t have to read how fu&*^%g dumb and cruel the human race can be! Wayne Arthur

  12. the first bill gladys sargent, who lobbied for animals in california, ever introduced and passed was the ban on coloring chicks. how backwards is florida to eliminate such an elementary protection against abuse.

  13. WTF are these people thinking? Greed has become such an integral part oc human society, every other species suffers at the hands of irresponsible, greedy humans. These people should be cleansed from the planet, government and authority should know better than to legalise this sick behaviour and abuse of animals

  14. Edward Redmond says:

    This is no way to educate children about caring for pets, treating them as colourful toys to be disposed of when the novelty wears off.

  15. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed and shared. Shared equals posted to facebook and twittered.

  16. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Only for money. They don’t care about the welfare of animals.

  17. Elli Diemer says:

    first, when they show coulered animals in the net, they always said ” its computer made, NOT real !! ”
    perhaps some ill people took example as a new
    ” buisiness ” idea ?? when the whole world is only thinking of the best way to “make” money, there´s only one destination : humans go to hell, nowhere else

  18. We will be held accountable someday for every creature.
    Hebrews 4:13

  19. Shoamanesh says:

    Animals are not toys! They are living things!

  20. basta de torturar a los animales

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