Stop and Prevent Animal Rape

Target: The European Union (EU) and U.S. Congress

Goal:  Stop animals from being raped in brothels, as well as bestiality in general, a crime that is being committed internationally.

Many cases of bestiality are reported each year, but since it is a widely shunned practice, these instances remain part of a relatively underground world. Due to this reason, most people are unaware that bestiality goes on, and they are also unaware that it is actually still legal in a number of regions.

Numerous alleged cases of bestiality have been reported in the U.S., but recent cases internationally have taken this perversity a step further—as they involve actual animal prostitution in brothels. One case was reported on the island of  Borneo in Indonesia, in which an Orangutan named Pony was raised in a brothel where she was tied down and raped daily. She was shaved every other day for this practice, and reportedly had sores on her skin from this routine.

Another animal prostitution trend in Germany has been reported, in which animal brothels are “on the rise.” Animal porn and prostitution rings are becoming an international issue. In the U.S. as well, bestiality is reported more often than one would like to think. What these cases all have in common is one very crucial characteristic: bestiality is not illegal. Germany has made animal porn illegal, but actual human-animal intercourse has yet to be prohibited. As of last year, 15 U.S. states also had yet to make bestiality illegal (as well as Guam and American Samoa). The list goes on to Sweden, Russia, and many other places that have not implemented a law against sexually abusing animals.

Please sign the petition below to support legal action against sexual abuse toward animals.


Dear European Union and U.S. Congress,

Sexual abuse toward innocent animals should not be tolerated by law. News of animal prostitution rings is becoming more and more common, yet bestiality remains legal in several European countries and fifteen states in America.

These animals are held in brothels, in an underground prostitution market. They are sometimes raised like this, with physical, mental, and emotional harm forced on them everyday. If the people responsible for this, and/or partaking in this cruel act are caught, it is not punishable by law.

Modern law must live up to its title by becoming just that: modern. Shed the outdated fact that a law preventing bestiality is absent from so many law books. I urge you to immediately do your part in ending this cruelty.


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  1. Tammy Colavito says:

    MY GOD!!!!! MY GOD!!!! I’M SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lyn wainwright says:

    The people who rape and abuse animals are the spawn of hell. They are not behaving like human beings so they need to be treated with all the utter contempt and disgust that ordinary people can dole out to them. I despair of humanity.

  3. Andy John says:

    How dare the governments turn a blind eye to the voiceless animals of the world to be abused and pained till death for the selfish evil ways of wo/mankind…kind…wrong word to describe us eh !

    Utter shame on UK government for not saying a thing !

    Bless the Voiceless !

  4. What Sick ,Filthy Human Scum, Death Penalty!!!

  5. Fabiana bellobono says:

    Absolutely disgraceful we have to stop this!!! Now!!!

  6. Never heard of such depraved actions in my whole life…..such sick humans are beyond belief…: (

  7. Since april 2014, there is a law in Sweden against sexual abuse on animals.I´m a member of the animal rights organisation Animal Rights Sweden, Djurens Rätt, and they
    and other organisations has been working for this for a long time.

  8. os Psicopata deveriam ser eliminado da face da terra.

  9. shame on whole human race

  10. Lael Richatds says:

    And they say were not animals. They’re right! Were worse than any animal can be!

  11. Diane Peterson says:

    Make this horrific abuse rape against animals illegal. Bring them to I justice end this lo class them up or kill them. Safe these animals from this abuse !!!!!!!!! This to think humans do this

  12. Please help the animals and lock away all ths sick people away

  13. Patrick Ashing says:

    Disgusting! Seen the movie, Planet of the Apes? I feel the roles should be reversed, as in the movie. Animals should take over the world and should brutally rape sick human beings as they are now doing to animals, just so that they know how it feels! Such humans should not be allowed to live. They shoule be butchered as they butcher animals!

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