Stop The Cruel and Outdated Use of Hunting Dogs

Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Stop hunters from subjecting dogs to violent hunts, abuse, and neglect, all in the name of sport.

The use of hunting dogs is not only a cruel and outdated practice for the deer and various animals that are hunted, but for the dogs as well. This method is infamous for its abuse and neglect of “hunting hounds,” pinning animal activist against hunter for decades.

While hunting hounds can track and kill a variety of animals, there has been much controversy over the hunting of white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer are illegal to kill with hunting dogs in most states, but it is still legal in a handful of states in the south. Many protest this legality, but even if these white-tailed deer were protected, the legacy of hunting dogs would still carry with it much abuse.

Hunters sometimes join “hunt clubs,” in which they can rent hunting dogs by the hound, or in a pack. The dogs are sent into the woods in groups up to forty, where they hunt the specified game. This is ideologically cruel due to the army-like train-to-kill lifestyle imposed upon dogs—and all just for fun. However, this sport is also physically demeaning to the dogs, because when they aren’t been neglected, underfed, isolated, etc., they are risking their lives in this gory blood sport. It’s literally a fight to the death, and the dogs don’t always win. Animals such as bears can get the best of these dogs, but the owners have also been known to abandon the dogs in the woods when they are no longer fit for the hound-hunting job.

Tell Congress to regulate, if not abolish hound-hunting. It is nearly impossible for animal rights groups to independently keep hunters in check. Please sign the petition for a new and enforced federal standard for hunting practices.


Dear U.S. Congress,

Hunters have been controversially using dogs to hunt game for years, but the practice is an outdated one that is often abusive to both the dog and the animal being hunted.

I urge you to create an enforced federal standard for “hunting hounds,” or, an ideal solution: ban the use of hunting hounds completely. It is unacceptable that animal rights groups must find one hunting dog abuse scandal after the other, yet this very sport where dogs are neglected, injured, and sometimes killed is still legal.

Please put an end to hound-hounding, as it is an outdated practice based on a cruel bloodbath between dog and prey. A federal standard must be enacted to put an end to this sport’s animal abuse.


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