White Man Who Killed Unarmed Black Florida Teenager Yet To Be Charged

Target: Lawson Lamar, Florida State Attorney

Goal: To demand that the shooter be held responsible for the killing of an unarmed Florida teenager.

Recently, a white man shot and killed a 17-year-old black teenager who was walking through a gated community where he was visiting his father in Orlando, Florida.  The boy left his father’s house to get candy and a soda, and was followed and ultimately gunned-down by Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman as the boy was returning to his father’s house.  More than two weeks have passed without the arrest or charging of Zimmerman in the crime; demand that police hold Zimmerman accountable for the senseless and seemingly race-motivated killing.

28-year-old Zimmerman has claimed that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense, but the fact that Martin was unarmed makes his argument hard to accept.  Additionally, neighbors have questioned why Zimmerman was carrying a gun in the first place, as well as why he chose to disregard the 911 dispatcher’s instructions to wait for officers to arrive and not to interfere.

Someone must be held accountable for the death of the 17-year-old boy, yet police have as-of-yet refused to charge or arrest Zimmerman, instead urging those calling for his prosecution to wait for a “fair” investigation.  Martin’s family should no longer have to wait for some sort of resolution to this horrible slaying; police must produce results before this tragic instance of white man killing black boy becomes an even more potent reminder that racial disparities within the legal system are fully alive.

Dear Mr. Lamar,

The recent killing of a black teenager in a gated community where he was visiting his father is tragic, and the man responsible must be held accountable.  17-year-old Trayvon Martin was simply returning from the store with soda and candy; this harmless action was apparently enough to trigger Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman to call police and report him as suspicious.

After reporting the boy to the 911 dispatcher, who instructed Zimmerman to wait for officers to arrive and avoid confrontation, Zimmerman alleges that he shot Martin in self-defense once they became involved in an altercation.  Martin was unarmed.

While details that race was a factor have yet to surface, the fact that Zimmerman called police to report Martin, who was simply walking through the community, as suspicious, suggest that the 28-year-old white man may have been distrusting of the black youth based on race.  His readiness to assume that the black teen was suspicious seems likely to explain his consequent decision to escalate the confrontation to the point of fatality.

The racial element of the polices’ failure to hold Zimmerman accountable is especially troubling; had their roles been reversed, with a black man shooting a white teen, it is hard to believe that it would take several weeks to charge or arrest the man suspected of the shooting.

Race should not prove to be a factor in carrying-out the law.  I urge you to make an informed and fair prosecution towards Zimmerman, regardless of his race and the race of his victim, and be sure that the execution of justice is truly colorblind.


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  1. This is so sad….i wish ppl would stop being racism andd learn evryone has the right to live their life…..

  2. Florida got some serious issues with the justice system. Last year, y’all let that Casey Anthony bitch walk free after the death of her daughter and this year y’all letting this man walk free after killing this boy who rightfully live there with his father. That is bullshit and y’all know it. I’m disgusted.

  3. Willie H. Bankhead says:

    Any comments after 03/21/2012 reference this situation is really a waste of time. The US Justice Department and state’s attorney have launched an investigtation. Let’s wait and allow the system to take it’s course.
    All comments B4 03/20/2012 has serveds their purpose.

    • Well here is Nov. 26th and your idea that there would be a completed investigation is wrong.. They just want it to disappear from the national seen for an easier coverup. Just one bit of evidence needs to be brought to light. If as Zimmerman claims the boy was on top of him beating him…and he shot in self defense…there should be powder burns on the childs’ chest clothes or body.If the bullet hole in the childs’ back…he got shot running away. Period. If clothes are not available for inspection or his body was washed before being buried, then powder burns were washed off and should have been noted in the autopsy report. Who is hiding what?????



  6. ThingsSmellFunny says:

    This is interesting… What I find a bit mind boggling is two weks ago in Kansas, a white 13-year-old boy was doused with gasoline and lit on fire while walking home from school. The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City two black teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him. The two blak teens rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open. One of them poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'”

    By lighting the gasoline, the second attacker produced a large fireball burning the face, hair and body of the boy. Hmmmm… where was the racial outcry? Where was the media? Who is sympathising for this family? Where are the community organizers marching in the streets? Where is the president and the U.S. Dept. of Justice? Why does the president not say that this boy looks like his son he does not have? Why is Media Matters ignoring this? Why…

    • Linda Stanford says:

      Once again, my heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s parents and the young man and family in Kansas.

      What a sad story and please don’t take this as my being insensitive because my heart goes out to that young man. The situation regarding Trayvon is not in the news because it was a white or hispanic man that killed him, rather that he was killed and there was no action taken by law enforcement. There are also laws that are being challenged and clearly Zimmerman has some type of race issue but none of us know what it is at this point.

      So clearly, if there was no action by law enforcement in Kansas you should move to ensure the information gets to the media start a website or blog regarding the situation. Please don’t compare the 2 cases because they are not both apples based on the norm in the world.

    • OMG! What a tragedy! My heart and my prayers go out to this boy and his family. I hope his attackers get what they deserve. I don’t know why Media Matters, the President, or anyone else is ignoring this story. Could it be no one has heard about it, including myself, until reading your comments? I am African American, but I believe that ALL human life is precious. Race, creed, skin color should never, EVER matter. When an injustice occurs, EVERYONE should be concerned and demand what’s right.

      • Char…I agree with you, but people have heard about this case- It is in the media, the chief of the department who failed to do the correct investigating and there is currently being an investigation on this from multiple departments. Also this is not something that a President would normally get involved in at all because it just is not his job, but he had made a statement that the boy looks like he could be his son. It is not being ignored in the slightest. Unfortunately there is a bull crap law in Florida that when this man claimed he it was self defense and that the there had been a struggle and the boy was on top of him the cops took the law that says even if you are the weapon holder and the other person had no weapon it still could be considered self defense. Obviously this was not self defense and im sure the investigators will be arresting this creep soon enough. Hopefully the justice system in Florida puts him in jail for a long long time.

        • ***the chief of the department stepped down**

        • @Courtney…I am aware of Trayvon Martin’s tragic murder. However, my comments were meant for ThingsSmellFunny. He or she left a comment concerning two Black teens who doused a white teen and set him on fire. That particular incident I was not aware of until reading comments here. @Things SmellFunny…please read my comment left 3/23/12. EVERYONE….keep fighting for justice to prevail. For all people everywhere!

          • Thank you for clarifying Char, I did not see the comment made about the other boy. Unfortunately when there is a crime against a black person that people see as racist they march and protest for the person that had been wronged, but when it is the other way around white people aren’t more upset at the fact that this was a racial hate crime but rather worry about the fact that there son was attacked. But I completely agree with you about what you said, it is about all people not just black or white, a crime is a crime.

    • that boy is still alive dummy. its a tad different when someone is shot and killed. so whatever point you were trying to prove is as dumb as you. shut up

      • No name calling says:

        Brennan, there is no need to name call or tell people to shut up, this is a conversation among adults. I’m frustrated with the entire situation. Please calm down

      • @Brenna….Really!? You went there? SMH…anyway, as I commented before: ALL human life is precious. Even though that boy is alive, who knows what kind of problems he’ll have to endure throughout his life from being set on fire. @Courtney…You’re welcome. Let’s all continue to pray for Trayvon Martin’s family, and demand that his murderer be brought to justice swiftly!


  8. No name calling says:

    Char, well stated

  9. G Brothers says:

    Unfortunately for Zimmerman this is being politized by the Obama Administration (my son would look like him) and by the Black community. I see this as a step away from due process toward lynching or witch hunting. I fear for the negative affects on our judicial system. In my view racial hatred is being fanned and kept alive by Black activists.

  10. Zimmerman isn’t white! I mean, “not really”, right? Only his dad was white…his mother hispanic. So really he is just as “white” as our president Barack Obama…who has gone on record saying he identifies as a black man even though he is half white. Wonder what Zimmerman identifies himself as? anyways…it’s ironic to see people who say “if this was a white teenager shot by a black man he would be arrested”…do you guys not remember O.J Simpson? shut up. R.I.P Trayvon…I feel for the loss of Trayvon but people need to stop pointing their fingers and a whole group of people.

  11. Gerald Brothers says:

    This person is not guilty until proven guilty. What i see is a lynch mob. Frankly the number of people that are willing to string up this man frightens me. It should concern anyone who values our constitution.

    • No name calling says:

      Lynch? That’s what supporters stand for our constitution

    • It frightens me too but what do you expect?
      We are all expecting justice to be reasonably swift.
      When it is not…many people feel like being vigilantes, as wrong as that is. Can’t help sympathizing with them because it is now Nov. 26th and no completion of the investigation. Who is afraid of the truth?

  12. lorenzo porta says:

    This is a terrible story that can still happen in some of the States of the oldest democracy of the world. This murder has taken place in Florida and in a gated community. This is a key-word. What does it mean in this case? Is it a protected area where there are high-value properties and homes for well off people and staffed by private security guards like Zimmerman, the suspected murderer? I think this is the case! Probably he can not accept to carry out his work in the service of a wealthy black, more rich than him. He can not see him but an intruder and suspicious boy, and goes so far as to eliminate him. What is terrible, as well, is the fact that the police does not take decisions about the prosecution of this private guard. So the letter of Scott Moller to the State Attorney of Florida try to call for the institutions to take an urgent initiative for an informed and fair prosecution to certify the position of Zimmerman.

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