Stop Slaughterhouses From Boiling Animals Alive

Target: Sun Guoxiang, Chinese Consulate in New York & Cui Tiankai, Ambassador of China

Goal: Stop the inhumane practice of boiling animals alive for human consumption

A routine culinary technique practiced in many Asian countries around the world involves cooking live animals in pots of boiling water or with the use of hot ovens and blow torches. In China alone, 10 million dogs are ruthlessly murdered every year for their meat, which is considered a delicacy and is believed to possess medicinal properties. In fact, this method of cooking is a socially acceptable practice, which dates back thousands of years. Today, it is most commonly seen in parts of Southern China.

Dogs bred for their meat will most likely spend their entire lives in overcrowded and unsanitary wire cages, often without food or water. This is because it is believed that the animals taste better after their bodies are soaked with adrenaline due to fear and pain. The entire boiling and cooking process ensures that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, allowing the flavor of the meat to be more prominent.

This is an inhumane and appalling act that continues to be practiced because China currently does not have any laws against animal cruelty. Tell the Ambassador of China and the Chinese Consulate to take action in order to correct this horrific oversight. Sign the petition below to help save these innocent animals from a cruel and unnecessary death.


Dear Sun Guoxiang & Cui Tiankai,

I was recently made aware of an atrocious and appalling act that continues to take place in parts of Southern China. Every year, 10 million dogs are ruthlessly murdered for their meat. Many will spend their entire lives in wired cages, with limited access to food and water. To make matters even worse, several must undergo brutal torture by being boiled alive in pots of scalding water. Cooks argue that the adrenaline that is pumped into the body due to fear and pain makes the meat tastier.

This is outrageous and needs to stop today. Unfortunately, China currently does not have any laws against animal cruelty. I urge you to take the necessary steps in order to prevent this barbaric practice. No animal deserves to die in such a horrific manner.


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  1. Chinese suck!
    If they didn’t they would stand up for the right of the animals and get that shit done just like other countries have.
    They do a lot of other commercial demented shit
    they make people work for 3 $ a day and they make them live in housing owned by the companies their government allows other countries to rape and pillage their own people
    THey have to feed these demented people and keep them demented so they feed them this adrenaline shit.

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