Stop Selling Guns to Domestic Violence Offenders

Target: Senate Majority leader Harry Reid

Goal: Stop allowing guns to be sold to criminals found guilty of domestic violence

Criminals who are found guilty of domestic violence and stalking are discovering loopholes in gun laws across the country that allow them to obtain guns. Instead of closing these loopholes and making sure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of felons, lawmakers are skirting around the issue. The National Rifle Association is continually lobbying congresspeople, blocking any attempt at reform. Demand these lawmakers address the loopholes for domestic violence perpetrators and prevent these criminals from legally buying guns.

Stalking and domestic violence are serious issues that aren’t often taken seriously. According to a study by the New York Department of Health, 76% of women who were killed by their partners with guns had previously been stalked. These guns had been legally obtained, showing the danger that many individuals who have been stalked face. Individuals found guilty of domestic violence and have restraining orders against them can still appeal to buy a gun and have a “relief of disability,” which lifts their ban on purchasing deadly weapons. People who have committed domestic violence abuses against partners but have never lived with or had children with them can still buy guns without any issues. In 41 states, people found guilty of domestic violence against non-married spouses can still legally purchase weapons. This all spells disaster for people who had been in relationships with abusers or stalkers.

Tell Congress to enact laws restricting gun ownership for felons convicted of domestic abuse or stalking.


Dear Senator Reid,

As you likely know, gun laws and regulations are being forgone and ignored in the United States. However, this is a hugely dangerous problem in the country, especially since registered domestic violence abusers and stalkers still have easy access to legal guns. The NRA has consistently lobbied and blocked legislation that would make Americans safer, and Congresspeople should not be so easily swayed in favor of the NRA’s desires. Congresspeople should be standing up for the citizens they represent to protect them from dangerous domestic abusers and stalkers.

States with more restrictions on guns have much fewer incidences of murders of intimate partners. This data is extremely important in making sure unstable individuals do not have the resources and deadly weapons to attack their partners. I ask that you move forward in closing any loopholes in gun laws to prevent domestic violence abusers from getting their violent hands on deadly weapons.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sarita6177 via Wikimedia Commons

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