Praise Donor for Supporting Homeless LGBT Youth

Target: Anita May Rosenstein

Goal: Praise Ms. Rosenstein for donating the largest amount of money by a live person to a LGBT Center

Recently, Anita May Rosenstein, the great-granddaughter of the founder of May Department Stores Co., donated $6.5 million to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Ms. Rosenstein had first visited the LGBT Center two decades ago on a tour, and has since pushed for the extension of the facility. The center means a lot to individuals in the LGBT community, as it provides health and medical facilities, as well as important programs. However, in recent years, the center has met many problems due to constrained budgets. The center is hoping to raise $25 million to open a new facility that will provide 100 affordable housing units to LGBT individuals and 100 homes for homeless people in the Hollywood area. Already, donors have helped raise $19 million.

Every day, thousands of youths are struggling to survive on the street of Los Angeles. Of these struggling youths, nearly 40% are LGBT individuals. These individuals often face discrimination and violence as a result of their sexuality. The center hopes to help raise awareness and help these individuals.

Although much still needs to be done to bring more equality to the LGBT community, donations such as Ms. Rosenstein’s large money donation help to expand the resources for members of the LGBT community.

Please sign the petition below to show support for Ms. Anita may Rosenstein’s decision to donate a large sum of money to this LGBT Center so as to promote equality for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, and to provide resources for homeless LGBT youth.


Dear Ms. Anita May Rosenstein,

It was inspiring to read about the large donation you recently made to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I understand that this community means a lot to you. Resources are always needed to reach out to more individuals in need, and your large donation will definitely help to not only enable more people access to much needed health facilities and receive resources to avoid homelessness, but also to help encourage others to follow in your footsteps and donate to the community. The importance of giving to others in need, which you have stressed, is a great influence to those around you to do the same.

Thank you for creating a means for the expansion of the LGBT Center in Los Angeles, and thereby expanding the resources for the LGBT community. Many great changes are occurring in the LGBT community, and it will be exciting to keep track of the expansion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Minneart via Wikimedia Commons

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