Support a Federal Ban on Hunting Animals in Captivity

Target: Members of the United States Congress

Goal: Place a federal ban on hunting animals held in captivity.

In the cruel practice of captive or “canned” hunting, hunters pay to shoot exotic mammals, sometimes endangered species, that are confined within fences. The animals are often very tame and are accustomed to being fed in certain areas, making for an easy kill. Captive hunting is inhumane and unsportsmanlike and must be stopped.

There are more than 1,000 commercial canned hunting operations in the U.S. Animals used in captive hunts can come from breeders, dealers, zoos, and circuses, and are often illegally obtained. Most are accustomed to human contact, some having been bottle fed and handled since birth. They have designated feeding areas and are fed regularly, making them an easy target for hunters. Often, they are even tranquilized. This is certainly not what real hunting is about; in fact, many traditional hunting groups oppose canned hunting.

There is hope for these animals, thanks to the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2011, introduced by U.S. Representatives Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., and Brad Sherman, D-Calif. If passed, the bill would prohibit the interstate transport of exotic mammals for trophy and entertainment killing in fenced areas less than 1,000 acres. While statewide bans or restrictions have been helpful, a federal ban is the only way to effectively eliminate the supply of animals used for captive hunts.

Canned hunting is unsportsmanlike, in that the idea of a fair chase is absent. Even some traditional hunting groups oppose this type of hunting. Please urge Congress to pass the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2011 so that exotic and endangered mammals can be protected from cruel and unfair deaths.


Dear Members of the United States Congress,

Endangered and exotic animals held in captivity are being subjected to cruel and unfair deaths for trophy and entertainment purposes. Captive hunting allows people to pay a fee to shoot animals confined within fences with no chance of a fair chase. We cannot allow this so-called sport to continue.

Animals used in canned hunts are often obtained illegally from breeders, dealers, and sometimes even zoos and circuses. Many are accustomed to human contact and have designated feeding areas and times, making them easy kill for hunters. No sportsmanship is involved in this type of hunting, which is why some hunting groups actually oppose canned hunts.

The Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2011 (H.R. 2210) would prohibit interstate transportation of exotic mammals for trophy and entertainment hunts in fenced areas less than 1,000 acres. A federal ban is the only way to truly combat the problem of canned hunting by making animals unavailable to hunt.

Captive hunts are inhumane and unsportsmanlike. True hunting allows for a fair chase. Please show your support for animal welfare by passing H.R. 2210.


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  1. Kristin Harkness Kristin Harkness says:

    Please sign this petition – animals who have learned to trust humans shouldn’t be deceived by these same humans into certain death.



  3. Please, sign.
    That’s a cruelty.


  5. There is no reason to hunt to begin with.Animals are sacrificed for our consumption everyday but to hunt(if you can call it that)a tame fenced in animal for entertainment is unethical and EVIL.The men who do this are BITCHES and probably can’t please a woman and this makes themfeel like big men.In actuality they are small ,insecure nobodies who i hope some day are killed by the animals they hunt.Or get the shit kicked out of them by an animal lover who over hears them bragging

  6. The only excuse for ‘canned hunting’ is if the ‘weapon’ is a camera. Hunting for other than diseased or vermin animals with no intent to eat the kill (or at least to deliver the carcass to those who will eat it) should also be banned. Hunting for sport should involve setting up a great trophy shot with a camera with a telephoto lens, not a rifle scope. Exotic animals should be placed near their actual native environment and, if possible, rehabilitated for return to that life; otherwise they should at lest serve as breeding stock in the case of endangered animals. We’re supposed to be peers with the animals we share earth with; only the food chain, not personal insecurities and sexual inadequacy, should determine what lives and what dies. We have nice graphic ‘virtual hunt’ computer programs; the cruel idiots should satisfy themselves with that so we don’t run out of real animals!

  7. Any kind o hunt is animal cruelty and sadism. And all hunters are cruel sadists.

  8. Elgrit B. Russell says:

    Canned hunting is one of the lowest, most despicable things people can do against animals. It is similar to being tied to a stake against a brick wall and someone pulls the trigger. Those who do this are evil, selfish and sadistic and I wish they could be eliminated off the face of the earth. We must put up the good fight to ban this on a federal level and enforcement must be put into place to stop canned hunts.

  9. Only cowards kill defensless animals.

  10. Signed. No shortage of SICKOS in this world.

  11. Canned hunts should be illegal worldwide.

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