California passes toughest diesel emissions standards in U.S.

The California Air Resources Board did pass the diesel emissions standards on Friday.  The standards will be the toughest in the nation and will require extensive retrofitting of heavy diesel trucks and buses.  Some older models will have to be phased out entirely. 

Around a million trucks and buses will be retrofitted or replaced.  Retrofits will require smog filters or cleaner engine technology beginning in 2011.  By 2014, all trucks and buses must have soot filters.  By 2023, no truck or bus will be allowed to be more than 13 years old unless it has special equipment to cut nitrogen oxide emissions.

This approval comes in the same week that California also passed the most stringent greenhouse gas emissions laws in the nation.  Reducing diesel soot emissions will improve human health, air quality, and also fight climate change.

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  1. Daniel Caceres says:

    It’s no right what’s happening, I still have a 20000 on debt for my truck, and it’s impossible add a filter for 18000. Even it will be a risk for de engine, it could damage it.

  2. Dave Wilhelm says:

    Its in sane what C.A.R.B. is getting away with. Forcing change as they are going about it, having us O/O ‘s put a filter on our trucks that will kill the motors pre – maturely yet paying 15,000 on top of it… OR we must go out and buy the 2010 truck that meets the new emissions and be “truck poor” especially in winter for me, but what about when the economy takes another shit too, then what? Oh the middle class will “scramble and figure out what to do if they want to survive, that’s C.A.R.B.’s reasoning. How do I know this, its because we just come out of the “Great Recession” then hit us with burdensome regulations and the consequences that go with them. I only oh so wish you felt how it fells to have “your back up against the wall”

  3. henry sanchez says:

    My question is I have three running fright linners an say if I buy a 2010 truck with the air filter will I be able to run my three trucks with out the air filter or will I have to be forced to buy that air filter for my three trucks as well what I’m trying to say is if I got one withe the air filter an the other three don’t have it will I be fine that way or if wouldn’t

    • You kidding me, if you buy a 2010 truck. What the hell does that mean to the other three? NOTHING DUDE.

    • If you have one 2010 truck you can use small fleet exceptions. Which means two trucks that is not CA compliant will able to come to CA until 2015. however, the forth will not be able to come to CA

  4. 250 miles of desert and 55mph for trucks is rediculus. Now these new emmisions regs. Boss says we’re just not going to cali any more let the Idiots starve. California beware the rates for freight are going to go through the roof and you still won’t have enough trucks to serve your needs. All this crap just to comply with the HOAX of global warming. Good luck idiots you’re gonna need it!

    • Yes, it is a joke. The whole country and goverment is a joke. Wall Streets Greed Americans can steal your money right in your faces. AND it is not CALIFORNIA, it is the screw-up NATION itself. More than 80% the country thinks the president is doing something for them, lol He is not going to help you. Just his GREEDY FRIEND. ROT in hell O’bowam.

  5. keith c waldron says:

    have you ever seen a truck 2008 or newer going along and the fancy emission system decides its time to malfunction ? the air quality following this vehicle is beyond sub standard. the air from the failing components allows black soot to escape along with gases that that takes your breath away and the powers that be think this is a safe and compliant method of controlling pollution. the systems placed on our new trucks are no more than a money maker for the government and truck engine builders. the system does not work . build a system that works and then pass regulation. the horse belongs in front of the cart!

  6. come on people we need to make a stand this is the 50 united states we are soppossed to be able to move freely among our country ,what the hell is going on people stand up for our rights they {government} make it tougher for americans to make a living come on enough is enough. hopetfully the rest of our country wont follow California( the most messed up state in our nation) . p.s. owner operators who don’t own realproperty in another state just register your rig in California and get to use the loop hole where if your truck is registered in cal. u=you are exempt from that ridiculous law

    • villagrana trucking says:

      How do we fight these ridiculous laws? Where do we go? This does got to stop if we let them push us around what are they you going to pass next and it’s not just about the trucks look up AGENDA 21 it’s everywhere and it’s all b.s. thank you.

  7. WARD E. FRAZIER says:

    Pure 100% Libtardism! The rest of the Country doesn’t call it Commiefornia for nothing!

    • Yeah, unfortunately you are right.
      I am leaving this state, they are always saying they are broke and w/what it costs to live here I just can’t understand it.

  8. Mark Colman

    Well enjoy paying for your everyday living as if you were living in Hawaii, because its a guarantee that freight rates will go up, oh yeah and the people on welfare will need to get a raise as well to meet the new cost of living so you must be real excited that Cal taxes are going to be higher than ever, yeah I bet you can’t wait for that huh?

  9. shane power says:

    You know. I have seen stupid 8 my life but this takes the cake. Funny how 90% of cali population is in the poverty level. These are the people that drive what ever they can afford. With or with out insurance etc. Now you have the middle class which abide by the laws having something nice in there life. Let’s just say a diesel truck.
    In 2000 you could drive a f250 with a 7.3 low pollution and get 25 miles to the gallon. Now in 2014 a f250 with a 6.7 liter motor with this new air pollution control gets 9 miles to the gallon. Costs double the price to but and double the price on fuel. Who’s winning here. The oil company. No one else. These regulations are been forces down people necks. It’s wrong. May as well buy a bicycle and look for the new china. The country is turning to communist. It’s very sad

  10. Very simple to see the forecast of CA future. California has held the market in this country for its produce for many years. With out this market they will belly up. Cause of these regs only the big companies will transport in and out of the state. This will give then the leverage to charge what ever they want on those rate. HIGHER cost means some one in Arizona and New Mexico and Mexico will take over the produce market in the world. Sit back and watch you will see. People don’t like big trucks till they want to move something cross country over night cheap then they love them.

    • Oh I was discussing this with my sister. California’s economy will suffer and I’m praying for the produce to move from Arizona. This is the dumbest regulation California has come up with yet and it will greatly hurt them.

  11. Why is nobody talking about westports duel port injector to retrofit older diesels with so now the old diesel becomes a 95% natural gas or propane engine and 5% diesel,i hear emisions are real low,ur oil lasts a long time and fuel is cheaper,and u get to keep running ur vehicle?

  12. This is really smart thinking on California’s part for sure. Since the economy has been in the toilet along with the housing market, it has forced me to buy a home in Nevada so I can keep my old truck which I can’t afford to retrofit.So now I work in California and blow soot all the way back to Nevada so I can spend my paycheck. Nice.

  13. The government our however thought of this law. should of thought of the single owner operater and how hard they make it for us. They need to realize that 99 percent of all goods are delivered by us. They should have some kind of incentive to help us out. Specially after coming out of a real bad recession. they should bail us out. Just like the did with the banks and the automobile industry.

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